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  1. unless that baseball bat was soaked in alcohol or something I doubt it would catch on fire. Have you ever dangled a stick in the flame of a campfire and notice how it actually takes alot to set it on fire.
  2. I think the Winchester 1894 is already planned. The Winchester 1901 however would not be a good idea IMO because its not all that common/popular anywhere besides Australia(pump actions are illegal).
  3. cool, then someone could be a teamkiller and it would be just like a game of Clue.....a whodunit murder mystery lol.
  4. We need one of those Duck Hunting shotguns that are always painted in that hunter type camo, they seem to always be at the gunstore.
  5. What causes science?
  6. Personally I think just starting a topic like this is asking for trouble, but I won't take the bait.
  7. Just because you don't like him doesn't make him not real, and no one asked you why you object to god lol. I'm sort of a deist.
  8. made me lol
  9. Would be even cooler if you had to find the components and combine them to make a homemade bomb. example you find: Pipe+Fuse+Gun Powder and combine them to make a Pipebomb However that would probably be too hard to implement but it would be cool.
  10. The M26 hand grenade has been phased out of U.S. service since the 1970s and the F1 grenade is not used by the U.S. The M-67 grenade is the one currently in use by the U.S. but I doubt grenades will be in the mod. As for molotovs, I think they are already planned.
  11. slugs can be loaded into smoothbores, it just won't be as accurate as if you were to load it into a rifled bore.
  12. Nahh, a specific mass grave with zombies feeding on it would feel too scripted.
  13. That south park episode "Cartoon Wars" pretty much sums up Family guy. I did get a laugh however at that episode of FG where Meg got the 3rd season of Sister Sister on DVD as her only birthday present.
  14. You could do that in AVP2. The two most common shotguns in service with the US Military are the Remington 870 and the Mossberg 590, they are used with slugs for purposes of door breaching. They are also the two most popular pump shotguns in the United States so yeah, you can interchangeably use buckshot and slugs. I don't know about guns like the SV10 though.
  15. or an ASP collapsible baton in lieu of a night stick.
  16. same
  17. I concur
  18. dickhead
  19. Well maybe you just happen to be those people who get to the water first.
  20. There will always be warehouses full of bottled water.