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  1. Maybe that would make sense if the mod took place in Israel or South Africa, otherwise the Galil is not all that common.
  2. If it was used during it that shootout would have lasted 4 seconds rather than 44 minutes. Anyways this thread has nothing to do with the wonderful exploits of Emil Matasareanu and Larry Eugene Phillips jr..
  3. Well aren't you going to be fighting zombies either way?? Besides, fighting zombies by itself could get stale after a while, having to avoid "sniper bullets" would add a new dynamic to the gameplay.
  4. I like that idea that someone had a while back: where a player would play as a rooftop military sniper a la 28 weeks later ,and try to kill the players on the street as they tried to get to a waypoint.
  5. Psychological side effects from the trauma of killing a team-mate. -what if you are cold and have no conscience
  6. Seeing as it has already been bumped....... As someone said before that the running zombies would be fresh it should be sort of obvious which zombies can run. Those zombies would be the ones who have not decomposed as much ,and would look sort of like an infected from 28days/weeks later.
  7. Yes but those weapons were purchased by those police departments individually, so they wouldn't be as commonplace as the M16A2/A1s donated by the Department of Defense. Your probably not going to find many of these in RL unless you are raiding a secret service field office or something. agreed
  8. That coupled with the fact that they were donated to Police departments in large numbers by the US Army
  9. If I ever have to leave the U.S. I'd go live in Switzerland...........or New Zealand.
  10. Hellz No!! Have you seen a Glock 18 in your local gunshop??? That is because Glock 18s are restricted to Military and Police sales only. The Glock 17, Glock 22, or Glock 19 would work.
  11. Arma 2 controls are also really awkward.
  12. Has anyone picked this up yet?
  13. Obama was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize after 11 days in office. What the hell did he do within those 11 days to merit the Nobel Peace Prize?? This pretty much sums it up. http://www.dnaindia.com/mumbai/comment_sho...e-nobel_1297073
  14. I do not doubt that they are popular in the USA but saying they are as popular as Ruger would be a bit of an overstatement.
  15. Heh, maybe the mod should take place somewhere with strict gun control -like Kalifornia. .....but then all the Mall Ninjas wouldn't be able to see how their Civilian legal AK-47s and AR-15s would go up against a zombie apocalypse.
  16. I want this one.
  17. I've also taken a liking to southern music. Creed - One Last Breath
  18. How will the disappearance of dead bodies work? I mean I'm sure that if you have alot of zombies being killed you have some of them disappear for the sake of performance ,but when you kill an enemy and his body fades away or flat out disappears right before your eyes it sort of removes you from the immersion.
  19. Yeah ,but those are all "military" type rifles, I suggested the Remington 7400 because it's of the "Sporting/Hunting" variety.
  20. Mudvayne > Negative -1
  21. In the realm of sporting/hunting rifle the Remington 750 Self loading Rifle.
  22. On a side note I loved the fireman zombie.
  23. Made this a bit ago.... Based it off this sword machete looking thing I inherited from my grandfather.
  24. And where did you gather this knowledge from??