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  1. I think a map that takes place exclusively in the top few floors of a skyscraper would be pretty cool. Sort of like die hard or perfect dark 64 or something, and you would have a nice view of the apocalyptic cityscape all around you.
  2. FN 303 Less-Lethal Launcher I suggest this because in the immediate outbreak of zombies the police would treat it like a riot probably until they figured out what is going on. Also even though this weapon is "less than lethal" it can still kill if it hits someone in the head at close range.
  3. I'd Agree with that if maybe there was a 25% chance that the maker of the weapon didn't know what he was doing so that when you fire it off there is a 1 in 4 chance that it explodes and you get seriously injured or killed.
  4. Playing a video game is nothing compared to going out and shooting a real gun.
  5. This has been suggested before and has been put down seeing as that would do little to nothing in Real life(as far as zombies are concerned) against a target.
  6. Why would the nice 'citizen soldiers' want to kill the uninfected survivors. They actually live in the community that they are stationed in. I mean.....
  7. Condemned 2 omg yes
  8. If a firearm has enough power to shoot a round all the way through a body ;then the kinetic force will not affect the motion of that body due to the kinetic force staying with the flying bullet.
  9. A Human being a vegetarian is unnatural. Us Humans are at the top of the food-chain, lets not mess that up.
  10. I heard on the forum somewhere a long while ago that if a zombie grabbed onto you, you could get the zombie off by button mashing. Will this be present in the future if at all?
  11. I think the M4 or the M16 is planned. The older build of NMRiH had an M16A2 and an MP5A3.
  12. I think the devs said the infection was livestock related.... -is mad cow disease a bacteria? -EDIT nvrmind
  13. Heh, I feel the same way everytime I walk into RiteAid.
  14. Kmart= I usually keep it in my desk drawer or I throw it in the trunk of my car.
  15. Gunstore??? I bought a Hunting Knife at K-Mart. Buck 119
  16. I've always wanted to play this. However I do not own UT 2004 Atmosphere looks amazing
  17. A Beretta Over/Under shotgun has already been made for the mod.
  18. Hunting Knife......or even a kitchen knife
  19. Anyone interested in seeing this...
  20. lol reminds me of that South Park episode "smug alert" "Yeah, it's like, San Francisco is more of a European city, like Paris or Milan."
  21. Mors Principium Est - The Lust called Knowledge(remix) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxOqcDhnDMg
  22. Yeah, good 'ol all-american hunter 'ehh
  23. TRUSTcompany - Downfall http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8j-TW6OJyog
  24. Maybe in the 1970's but they are not too common in modern America. Unless you count those semiautomatic only civilian clones. Yeah but that would probably have almost no effect on a zombie. I would actually rather be unarmed, your fists could probably do more damage.