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  1. Are there any good'ol double barrel shotguns planned in NMRIH?
  2. heh, umm okay Nice model 60
  3. Smith & Wesson 645, untextured
  4. I meant around the same time period as the Africans who immigrated to America ~(1500's-1808) You also must not be comprehending what I say, I do NOT promote the term african-american.
  5. Well I'm not for the term african american.
  6. They still originated in Africa from around the same time period as the ones that came to america.
  7. Oh yeah!!!!!! Double barrel tactical oh and <
  8. Sorry if this has been addressed before or is already a feature but........ What if there is a very small (like 1 in 30) chance of you spawning as a police officer (so you get a handgun and nightstick)
  9. Thanks, yup I did use a reference image to trace around. It may look a bit "wonky" because the 645 has an interesting profile in the first place. And the reference image by itself
  10. Because it's easier and faster to say than Afri-can-Amer-ican
  11. Theres the wireframe shots
  12. But what I was proposing was that there is a very small probability that a player would spawn as an armed cop, that would be random as well. I really don't see how that elevates a member. Maxx addressed it anyways so I'm done here.
  13. Sorry if this has been asked before but..... When you move objects (I'm assuming you can because of barricade mode) do you move them by just hitting them (like in zombie panic source which is kind of tedious) Or is there some kind of pickup system like zombie master/fallout3/oblivion
  14. looks nice
  15. Well it would no more imbalance the game then the chance that a player spawns closer to a powerful weapon then other players. I guess people wouldn't like it oh well.