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  1. My point is the Government/Military would be too busy evacuating people, securing safezones, and fighting the zombies that they would not have time for a deep analysis of the origins of the rising of the dead.
  2. I kind of like what they did in the Romero films where they don't know what is causing the dead to rise -it just happens for an unknown reason so it could be anything. I think with all the chaos that is going on I don't think people would have the time or the resources to find the cause.
  3. I just played the demo, the controls feel kind of sluggish.
  4. The demo is out already???
  5. I like this one better.
  6. Is that a book or something? Or are you talking about the one in world war Z.
  7. How does one play one of these "R-P-G"s Maybe I play and decide whether it's ghey or not.
  8. Yeah me too. I feel sorry for his kids
  9. On a side note how do people possibly enjoy doing these?
  10. I'd be praying that it would be discovered, that would be so damn cool.(In a closed laboratory environment though)
  11. You know what would really blow.... If Kurt Russel died
  12. What about for non automatic firearms like pump-action shotguns and bolt-action rifles there would be a key to press in order to cock the weapon to chamber the next round. That way you would not have to wait a predetermined amount of time for an animation to finish before you could fire again. That way you would be more flexible and you could shoot as fast as you can cock the weapon. ........just a thought
  13. Heh, the BBC is already airing a memorial episode.
  14. ...I never said thriller was the best I just said that he had some good music. Anyways I like Wii Sports. On a side note he just stole Farah Fawcett's day
  15. I dunno, the 109 million copies of Thriller sold worldwide may say otherwise......... CNN and Fox both say that he is just in a coma. AAWW crap dammit i just read the update
  16. I really do hope he'll be ok.
  17. awww come on man. He may look funny and be easy to make fun of because of that. He may have been been on trial for alleged pedophilia but he was aquitted of all counts. The point is he made some good music and he is a musician and that's all he should be judged on.
  18. He is not dead, every single news source I've checked just say he's in the hospital.
  19. Have any of you seen the film Equilibrium with Christian Bale?? It's one of the best films i've ever seen and don't listen to that bs about it being a matrix rip-off because it isn't. It's similar to Fahrenheit 451/1984/A Brave new world........if the main character killed 118 people.. I found the first part here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dH5UAv-JiM...feature=related
  20. I think he was on a lower dosage (remember when the black guy said he may stop by Equilibrium to get his interval adjusted) or he just may be a hippocrate like DuPont at the end and may not be dosing at all.
  21. let me reiterate The makers said they are drawing influences from: Do those have any 28 days later/28 weeks later/ rabid people? Nope And I think when this mod refers to realism it is refering to realism in that it is not some arcadey game like zombie panic source.
  22. I'm sure for a quick fix on burn skins you could just duplicate the original skin and just use the burn tool.
  23. Would be even nicer if the zombies set other zombies/survivors around it on fire......I'd suggest also setting the environment on fire but that would prob be too hard to implement.
  24. Well this isn't a 28days/28weeks later mod
  25. lol I taste a ban