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  1. If you shoot a zombie in the brain stem in normal mode for it to be a one hit kill.
  2. I posted a while about a hit-box corresponding with the brain stem for a one hit kill that previously existed. This should be turned back on. Actually heres the thread about it. http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=7094&st=0&p=113123&hl=medulla&fromsearch=1entry113123
  3. I'm so stoked for this game.
  4. Still need to convert it.
  5. My suggestion.........FPS Russia
  6. Can't believe no one's suggested this one
  7. Looks like a scam to me.
  8. Also as I said before, if you have the inventory space then why not grab an extra fully loaded handgun?
  9. Nooooo Advantages would be limited to a second handgun being a faster reload and an extra mag of firepower.
  10. I meant 2 of the SAME TYPE of sidearm.
  11. *It would make sense if you had free inventory space that you could pick up two of the same pistol. I mean there's no reason to leave a fully loaded Beretta behind just because you already have one. New York reload anybody? A few other ideas -ability to search drawers -Astronomically small chance of an infected character turning before dying (could create some trust dynamics) -Different types of flashlights instead of just maglites -Bags. A backpack could give you extra space for maybe an extra handgun and ammo. A duffel bag would let you carry an extra long weapon but make you slower. -Very small chance of finding a box of ammo that is actually full. i.e. instead of all shotgun ammo box only having like 6 rounds you'd find one with 25. A few critiques -The HMMWV is missing it's hatch -The NYPD cruiser has the wrong paintjob and light bars (though this is likely on purpose to make it more generic) -Get rid of the NYPD radio chatter (I mean the radio chatter seems calm and isn't the city already overrun at this point) VERY AWESOME GAME BTW
  12. Maxx mentioned that a hitbox existed beforehand but he says it was disabled. I am querying whether this feature will be implemented/enabled in the future.
  13. Well on a side note where are all the asian zombies since this is chinatown and all.
  14. Sorry to resurrect this thread but what is the status of that hitbox? Will it be turned back on?
  15. I second the generic looose cannon cop whoooo doesn't play by the rules......