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  1. This is a little shameless self-promotion, but there's a cheap, interesting indie game on Steam. It's kind of shitty, but in a weird way it feels kind of old school and it's satisfying to play. Obviously by the thread title you could infer it's called "The World Named Fred". I made a Let's Play (under the influence of a little alcohol), and although it's my first and I want to do better, you can check out below: It kind of sucks, and I'm cool with that, but if you have any constructive criticisms feel free to shit all over this . If anyone plays the game, share your thoughts on it. It has this weird duality of feeling like real thought was put into it, whilst still feeling scatterbrained.
  2. I've been around. I mostly just lurk the forums now-a-days, try to keep up on the community mapping stuff.
  3. Hey nermanur community. I just wrapped up an album I've been working on (very slowly) for a couple years now. I'd appreciate it if you'd entertain my shameless self-promotion. It's chill, trip-hop style music mostly, and a few ambient tracks in there as well. It's all free to download of course. I only hope that you find a couple tunes you enjoy . https://soundcloud.com/outrospectre/sets/emergent-patterns
  4. I played NMRIH with Xendrid last night, and the only thing I think is there are already enough NMS maps ...
  5. Hey everyone. I just came back at the end of April from a 9-month deployment to the Persian Gulf. Feeling nostalgic I decided to dust off this old thread and ask how badly people would actually want me to finish this map? I had all the source material on my computer back home, so it would take some time to get that over to where I'm living now (though it's a ~1,700 mile drive), but it's do-able. Anyway, I'm not really sure what the NMRIH community is like these days, or what kinds of maps may have already satisfied the void I aimed to fill, but if anyone's interested let me know.
  6. Are you having any problems with rounds not feeding? Nuttin' Fancy didn't have much good to say .
  7. For a hug and a kiss? http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a72_1271913184
  8. I love you done so well I love you done I love you
  9. Anyone who doesn't check NMRIH forums more frequently than 24 hours is a heathen scumbag devil Satan worshiper with poor manners!
  10. Ha, it sounds pretty busy, but 10 minutes is a pretty serious crunch. I can render out the individual bits if you'd like to do a proper remix. Cultural Criminals and Mourning Place are definitely my favorites.
  11. Haha, he and I often share works-in-progress with one another and exchange feedback, so it's more of working in parallel than 'against' each other . But I'm glad you think it's of a similar caliber!
  12. Hello nermanur friends, After aboot a year, I've finally finished my third album of music. It's mostly chill/trip-hop, but there are a couple odd-balls in there. Check it out if you're into that sort of thing! https://soundcloud.com/outrospectre/sets/indiscriminate Thanks!
  13. Looks pretty neat so far! What sort of objectives are you planning?