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  1. Hey Fauqs did you ever finish my sig
  2. i think that some songs well complement games. for example: MW2: Bulletproof L4D&L4D2: No one gets left behind Edit: click song to listen
  3. i dont know how things get so out of topic in this forum btw Zombies and Ammunition is a joke refering to dungeons and dragons btw again eskill and uzisoft i am a big tough and pessimistic marines in real life you calling me cookie cutter??!
  4. Alright i don't know how many of you remember my last attempt at an RPG (EPIC FAIL) Anyway trying to start a new one i have an intro but... I am not publishing the story of why the zombies happened or anything similar, that is to be discovered by charectors in play.This rpg is as i call "a self-writng story" in other words no levelinbg skills attributes and all that stuff, just an interesting player driven story. It was a dark and dreary night. It was raining heavily along with thunder and lightning.The rain brings back your memories of before this nightmare. The survivors of said nightmare huddled in a room of a warhouse the military personal defending them at the windows and doors. They were immune to whatever malicious disease caused all of this. They were lured in by the cardboard sign "Food and Shelter Provided Here." this sign had longed fell apart however. Now the sign seemed like a sick joke. The food was gone and the zombies were coming. they were running, shambling, or dragging their half corpse to the warehouse. Everyone knew of this. They needed to leave...now. There was at lest four of them(hint hint). The worst is... you are one of them. Character layout (the example is me, I am also Gming) Full name: Jacob Baron Nickname(if needed): Sarge Attire:U.S. Marine Uniform Age(13+):23 Gender: Male DOB: August 13, 1982 Personality: a very sarcastic and pessimistic man. he often cracks jokes and can intensly motivate people Brief History(about a paragragh): a man with secrets many of them. he had a rough childhood being bulied and outcasted. When he was eighteen he enlisted in the U.S. Marines. he served in the afghan front and was promoted to staff sargent(hence the nickname). When he was sent in to the U.S. to save civilians[from zombies] his squad was killed he went and found the warehouse items: M9 pistol(only 9 bullets total) a Ka-Bar and a pipbomb (no autos or military garde weapons low ammount of ammo) Edit: by the way my apologies weegee
  5. Another good poem. *claps*
  6. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHY GOD WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. i read this post like 5 min after it was posted and just now stopped laughing so hard i could put reply up lololololololololololololololololol
  8. how you doing on my sig fauqs?
  9. im just gonna be pissed when mappers start making super easy maps loaded with guns and ammo i dunno about anyone else but i like my zombie games HARD!!!!! just like in real life(if it was that way...)
  10. Undead Marksman i play mostly play COD4 and CODWAW i play a little gears and GTA4
  11. that would be the most fucking cool map evah!!!!!!! its a good idea but as said it seems a bit like zombie master and if used to be used sparingly
  12. kinda of angry cause i never got an answer for this and everyone else is *bump*
  13. that is my signature from now on man i would stay the fuck away from marines at all costs wait... i am one i must stay away from myself!!!!!!
  14. you would be on an adrenilene high and probably be shooting and slicing in all directions