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  1. What is your name? (this can be your nick name, online handle or real name it's up to you) TJ How can we contact you? (forums, steam, IM, skype, etc?) Via steam TJ5897 is steam name Do you have a Microphone? (It is always nice to talk in real time) Yes Do you have any experience? (It isn't needed but feel free to brag) No I do not. What is your Timezone/General Location? eastern pacific What are your computers specs? (ram, processor, graphics card, operating system, etc.) graphics card = nvidia geforce 6150 se soon to be 9400 ram = 3gb processor = AMD anthlon dual core processor operating system = windows vista soon to be windows 7 Have something else you wish to voice? (Optional) I would enjoy this because I like zombies,and if there is anyway I could help someonelse to like zombies then I'm going to try. Also sorry for the type O on application
  2. i just want to beta test my freind dustyn chaput did on this game and zombies are cool lol contact me threw email or threw steam TJ5897 is my steam name and good luck with your mod i can get some people that is good wih lua and c++ that can help