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  1. http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/news/214
  2. I went in to purchase a hefty gun when some strange guy in a hoodie (played by Sick_Joe) came up to me and asked me to help him with some boxes out back promising discounts on guns here in the store. I asked the clerk if he knew the guy and he said "Oh yeah he is a regular." So I accepted his offer and a friend of mine went out to help the dude deliver some packages to nearby establishments. I put my box down outback of the gunshop a little ways away and as I returned to the truck I had a sneaking suspicion that I had just planted a bomb of some kind. This private chat log with Riley sums it up: After the bombs went off, the guy (played by Sick_Joe of course) jumped into the damaged gunstore and yelled something along the lines of "Now get your guns!". My character looked around frantically as sirens started going off and fires blazed in the other buildings. "Fuck it." I said and started looting the gunstore. Got me a Desert Eagle. Best discount ever.
  3. In this first episode of our Developer Let's Survive series, the gents muck around in nay0r's latest Objective map: Toxteth! So grab some fish and chips and enjoy the ride. Filmed in an outdated v1.07 pre-release Steam build. Everything you see is a WORK IN PROGRESS. Footage is not representative of the final game. Players: Xendrid - Public Relations Lou Saffire - Level Designer Rock - Animator ThoughT - Composer Porky-da-Corgi - Texture Artist Big King - Closed Beta Tester What is 'Let's Survive'? We here at NMRiH felt that our loyal followers are left in the dark on development too often. So we decided to periodically record our play sessions on the latest development builds. That means these videos will contain content that has never been seen before by the public! Whenever there is a new map or say a new major feature that needs to be tested, we will record it! Where is the Steam release? On our end, we are ready to release. However, we are waiting on a legal issue to get resolved by Valve. Once it is resolved, a release date will be set that works for both us and Valve. Then we let you guys know with a spiffy new trailer! We're coming down to the wire and want to thank everyone for being so loyal and patient! NMRiH will always be 100% FREE. Outro music by Aaron Wilde | http://www.aaronwildemusic.com/
  5. I go by what game can I keep coming back to and still have hours of continuous fun in... Civilzation V
  6. I said fuck it and maxed out the graphics and the Take On version of the A2 engine is really nice. When you're in a large town the FPS chugs, but oh well I found it playable even at 22-30 fps. So far I have been severely impressed with the terrain additions. The world looks so much more alive and more Chernobyl-esque than ever. Cherno is MASSIVE now that they have two giant apartment complexes that branch out almost to the Balota airfield which has had some nice touch ups done as well. Being able to enter nearly every building adds a lot (obviously). The interior details aren't wonderful, but for an open world game with so much in it, I'm happy with it. I'm very impressed with the modified and completely NEW areas Ivan has added. Melee combat is tracer based like NMRiH's. It's nice when you get a weapon that works best with it. Only the axes really work good right now. Zombies are very easy to kill with a proper melee weapon, a real tussle if you don't have a good one. The zombie and player animations are WIP, but they are already very nice. Good mocap and excellent character art. There are tons of supplies. Think MISERY 2.0 except not stupidly retarded and convoluted. I found disinfectant which I used on a backpack of a dead body (right now infection isn't implemented, but it gave me a good feeling using it anyway). You find butane canisters and cooking pots. You can open a can of beans with an axe, but you lose 40-50% of the can. If you use a can opener you get the full thing as long as the can isn't damaged. Right now food and water is top priority, though water can be exploited by spamming the Drink From Fountain or Pond. You have to keep eating a shit ton. It makes you have to keep looting and when you get desperate you find yourself hunting people. If you attack someone, you damage the clothes you hit. This also damages the items that are in those clothes or backpacks. Right now the damages don't do anything I don't think, but they will in time. Riley and I encountered a man with a fire extinguisher as a melee weapon and he came at us. So I hit him with a crowbar, but I hit the extinguisher and it made a huge clang and sent sparks flying. It scared him, he ran away. So you can actually hit the weapon the person is holding and damage it. When the damages actually matter, it will make shooting on sight slightly less common. Not everyone I have encountered is a KoS person, but most of them are. Human nature and all that shit. To elaborate on some of the above walls of text, I made a dumb map of my journey that I took over a 5-6 hour period. I spawned in Kamyshovo. I had a wood chopping axe. An unarmed fellow ran up to me and I said "Hello.", but he replied with "KILL ME." so I asked "Why?" - He wanted a better spawn. So I chopped him up. Kills are represented by the big red KAPOW symbols. I moved north, scavanged, kept moving. As I was running up to a barn near Staroye, an unarmed man fell off down the stairs and broke his legs. Either he is incredibly unlucky, or I startled him and he tripped. Either way, he begged for a mercy killing. I buried my axe into his legs (the tracers are a bit off right now, give me a break). He tried to sort of get up and run, but obviously his broken, half-chopped-off legs didn't help him with that. So I had to hit him again. He sort of fell down, then started to get back up so I hit him one final time in the head and he then was silent. It wasn't a very clean mercy kill. I moved on. Eventually I made it to Stary Sobor which no longer has a military camp, but its streets are vastly improved and filled with fallen autumn leaves. It's quite beautiful. I noticed on the map that there was a Military Base northwest of Stary. I went there. I heard gunfire. Finally my heart started to race. I saw a glimpse of an individual running around some barracks, so I waited a moment and then made a run for it. My trusty fireaxe in hand that I had found over in one of the Sobors. He left, luckily because all I could find was an M4, with no ammo. The yellow diagonal lines represent close calls with other players. Eventually I made it to Rogovo where I ended up sitting in a ditch amongst some bushes and trees. I was studying the map carefully trying to figure out where else I could find some ammo for the M4. When suddenly my screen started moving under the Steam overlay. I backed out and a silly man with a crowbar was trying to loot my "corpse". I was prone. When he realized I wasn't actually dead and was instead getting up with a hefty fireaxe in my hands he freaked out and took a swing at me. Luckily the crowbar is utterly broken and it did nothing to me. I kindly told him that he "Fucked with the wrong guy." as I chopped him to pieces and laughed hysterically over comms. I got his compass. Feeling a bit cheeky I decided to head to Green Mountain where I looked at the giant spire. There wasn't shit there and it was roughly the same as old Chernarus. I shrugged and moved on to the big one. Zelenogorsk. It used to be a decent sized town, but it was very spread out and felt empty. Not anymore. It is a densely packed city with a small military extension on the south end. On my way there I encountered a man who was decked out in hunting camo and had what appeared to be a long rifle on his back, most likely a Mosin. I jammed the sprint button and made for the woods as he hit the dirt and reached for his back, but I had vanished into the thick of the brush before he could take aim I guess. I got a bit overwhelmed at Zeleno. I killed a few zombies (they are very few in numbers right now in the alpha). Then I looted as many buildings as I could, but it is very complex and dense. Combined with low FPS I had to leave, by then I had spent a lot of energy and time, thus requiring more food. I was running lower than I expected. I finally hit up the military section, and just as I was leaving I noticed a man with an axe in one of the barracks. I ran behind it and watched him enter the building I was in just seconds ago. I tracked him throughout Zeleno for awhile until I was just about to make my kill. I had to, my food supply was far too low and I had hit all the major close by areas already. Then suddenly I spotted a can of tuna and a fresh banana. I decided to take that as a sign and left the poor guy to my scraps that I left throughout the city. I am now camped in the woods just south of Zeleno for the night. I will then make my journey to the new southwest military base that is quite awesome (Riley and I visited on previous characters).
  7. Honestly, I like the new system a lot. You can actually do things on the fly. It has a tiny learning curve at the very start where you have no idea how to do anything until you get the items to learn (like most everything). There are a few silly things though. Riley gave me a box of 7.62 for my Mosin, but it wouldn't let me load the gun or even chamber a round. Until I found out that you have to select "Empty" on it, which apparently takes the bullets out of the box. Then you can load the gun. You get med kits which can store items. You put it in your hands and then you can take from it. You can also get water proof protective cases that store things.
  8. Inventory management actually makes sense after fumbling around with it for awhile. I rather like it. It has room for improvement though, obviously. Three major things that need to be resolved ASAP is melee combat and bleeding from zombie melee hits. They basically removed the chance of bleeding from melee hits in the mod and it turned out to be a great choice. The other thing is the HUD. Just bring back the mod's HUD and call it good. Get rid of the text-based crap. I already spotted several new modifications to the world map and I love them. Should make exploring actually interesting. All in all, it was actually pretty coherent for Day 1 Alpha.
  9. You mean this?
  10. http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/news/196
  11. Hello survivors! We would like to welcome you to join our community beyond just these forums! Official Steam Group & Community Hub Join our official Steam group for the latest announcements regarding the game: http://steamcommunity.com/games/224260 Then head on over to our Community Hub for the latest Discussions, Guides, and more from the community (don't forget to visit the Group Chat Room!): http://steamcommunity.com/app/224260 ModDB Follow our mod on ModDB to see new and exciting content before it becomes available! http://www.moddb.com/mods/no-more-room-in-hell YouTube Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss out on tutorials, feature previews, and trailers! http://www.youtube.com/user/NoMoreRoomInHellMod Follow us on Facebook and Twitter! https://www.facebook.com/nmrih @nmrih https://twitter.com/nmrih
  12. That was badass to watch dude! You're a true hero.
  13. Since it is on the 1.06 build, there isn't much we can do. The only real option would be to show the video to the server administrator or someone with rcon on that server. If it was on our 1.07 closed beta then it would be a different story. Sorry!
  14. Hey, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Was this on the Steam pre-release 1.07 or on the old 1.06? I believe VAC is not hooked up yet because we are not officially released. So no servers are secure right now. Once we officially launch that will not be the case. We cannot take action unless we have 100% proof. The best way to do that is to record a video of it and make sure you have the correct Steam ID of the person hacking. It doesn't have to be HD quality video, but clear enough to make no mistake. Sorry this happened to you guys. We will set up a better way for reporting hackers and griefers before launch. Just make sure you have proof and a Steam ID and we can take action.
  15. We truly were not able to release. This is now the third time we have went into content lock and started mass testing and finalizing for release. The first time we -no joke - were ready to say "Let's release!", Valve sprung Source 2013. In order to release we had to port over to the new branch. The port took a couple months to get finished and we had to clean up a lot of content because of compatibility issues with Mac and Linux. We finished the port and started preparing for release again. That is when a legal issue came up and Valve didn't want us to release until it was resolved. It wasn't Valve's fault, but we are not allowed to talk about it any further because we are under NDA. We were told it would take time to sort it out. We were pretty discouraged and tired of so many false starts, but we kept on working. Because of the legal delay, we were able to add even more things to the release and we polished a lot of things. This is why the release trailer only shows the CZ858 and the Deerhunter bow and other updates. ThoughT and I had finished the trailer way back when the 2013 port wrapped up, but then the legal issue came up so we sat on it. At that point we had waited a long time, so I put together a dev blog that showed our progress and a little frustration too. And I apologize to Valve for making it seem as if it was entirely their fault, but again I cannot go into details for legal reasons. Just a short time after we released that dev blog video, Valve gave us the good news we were waiting for and said we could release. We needed time to enter content lockdown again, finalize everything, and make sure all major bugs were taken care of before release so we scheduled it for Halloween, which would give us the perfect amount of time to make sure everything was ready.
  16. http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/news/190
  17. I'm very wary about letting this slide, but the world needs to see things like this. So they can learn from it and hopefully never repeat such tragedies in human history.
  18. Zombies. http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/news/186
  19. It is mid-development. Might have been put in by mistake If you want to post some feedback on how it is so far Lou would appreciate it though!
  20. When we release 1.07, mappers will find it easy to just edit their old thread title adding a tag [1.07] Map Name when they update their maps to be compatible.
  21. Yeah for sure. One of the million things we want to do after the initial Steam release
  22. The NSA is going to have a tough time with this one.