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  1. What he means is, do not post images of nude children even if they are zombies. Also do not include nude child models into your mod. We will not endorse that sort of thing.
  2. Sandy Hook was a hoax. It was orchestrated by Jack Thompson, executed by FEMA using Crisis Actors. The real target is video games. Government agents are hitting YouTube and the whole of the internet with a powerful disinformation campaign. They are making you think that it was staged to bring change to gun control and/or disarm the people of the United States of America. Wake up people!
  3. This reminds me of the Motor Inn.
  4. My mom gave me Doom at an early age and bought me Mortal Kombat and never once said a word about needing to know the difference between reality and a video game. I do not go out and shoot people, start up terrorist cells, or perform fatalities on my friends and foes. I'm not sure where you see plenty of these things at. It's human beings that cause the problems. Everyone has the capability of thinking for themselves and deciding what is right and wrong to them. Despite what people tell you, teach you and impose upon you. Despite the images you see on a TV screen or computer monitor or the sound waves from a radio playing death metal. There is proof that these things have an impact on a persons emotions and ideas, but there is no control from them. It is inspiration that comes from these things, good or bad. The only thing that I believe that shapes a human mind is how a parent brings up a child. A good example of this would be how people treat animals. If they were raised to see animals as just lesser beings that are in the way then they will never think twice about killing or torturing one. I was raised to respect lesser beings and preserve them as life in our world. It's very black and white. Yet despite this fact, a human can still change the way they are. It takes dedication and opening up the mind to possibilities that before seemed impossible. It's also a fact that some humans simply do not have this ability. Their intelligence is simply not great enough to open their mind up to change and identifying what is right and wrong. It's generally insane people who do these killings or people who are so weak minded that they cannot handle stress from their lives or bullying. Yet again, it all comes back to parenting. You can just tell that the parents were probably not involved in the lives of their kids enough to recognize potential problems. I always hate hearing how suicide is such an evil act because it causes such grief to the parents. Yet if your kid is so broken that they resort to suicide or killing other people, then that parent clearly did not do their job. Some people are able to build walls in their minds to protect themselves, but others cannot. This is where parents fail because they can help build those walls. I have found that people don't look beyond their physical sight. They only take things for face value. Just because you can't physically see a problem doesn't mean it isn't there. A child is a growing human being. It needs to be built up. Parents are very good at this part because its easy to see. 'You need to eat to get big and strong!'. Yet the mind needs to be built as well. They just assume that school does this. This is 100% wrong. School only teaches learning and being in an environment where you work with other humans. Yet it imposes a very negative effect where students are bullied for their flaws, disregarded if they are not popular even by some teachers, and all together left out because there are simply too many children for a teacher to be able to sit down with each one as individuals. This is where parents are supposed to step in and be that bridge for the moral gap. If they aren't doing that then the mind is put together with broken and backwards parts. It can be repaired, but its very difficult because those parts were only available during their early years. Anyway, Zombie_Expert, are you talking about other kids or yourself? lol
  5. That song wasn't the best choice, but whatever. At least it wasn't derpstep. I grew out of CG trailers. I used to buy games based on them when I was a kid. As you get older you learn that the game will never look and play and be like that trailer. At all. Need to see the game! Not the trailer some other studio made for them.
  6. Can we just like, nuke Somalia? Please? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-20996963
  7. The thing is, you did do exactly as Chubaka said. harryhoot gave no proof and neither did you while you ranted about our staff when our claims were legit. Now that he has given proof, he has the approval of the community here and has refrained from making an ass of himself. Case closed. Stop worrying about it.
  8. It really does only say the models and textures. We don't know that he has contact with the author and that the author says "Yes, you can use the map." We can't just take your word for it either. Just because you credit the original source doesn't mean you can rip off a property. All content in our non-licensed game is original. We do not steal other peoples works. We will also be launching on Steam with our next major content update.
  9. This seems to work for me: Set sv_lan to 0 in console Type in heartbeat in console Type changelevel nmo_chinatown or any map you want (I think this is required, not 100% certain). On most routers you can set a "DMZ". This basically opens up the connection to whatever IP you set. Making it as if there was no router at all.
  10. Urban based animal survival genre Shouldn't it be called Detroit Jungle?
  11. Happy Holidays from the No More Room in Hell development team! We would like to give you a little gift this Holiday season. 'What's this?' you might ask, shaking the box. The blood spattered wrapping paper falls to bits as you hungrily claw and tear your way through. Within you find six haunting and chilling, previously unreleased tracks from our OST that has been in the works for some time now. CLICK TEXT TO DOWNLOAD Composed by Garrett "ThoughT" Lindquist. soundcloud.com/thoughtmusic
  12. I want to say that they didn't copy us. It looks different enough. If they did take inspiration from NMRiH then fuck them for being no different than Hammerpoint. Regardless of that, fuck them anyway. Activision is shit.
  13. I bought some Indie games, and love them. Fuck AAA games, seriously.
  14. That's like saying that if it were cool water that splashed on your skin instead of boiling water then it wouldn't have hurt. lol
  15. We will probably do a super simple No More Room in Hell for Dummies video for our Steam launch. Maybe we'll link to it.
  16. Think Dishonored will dip to 75%?
  17. I have everything except Dishonored. Sad false apocalypse is sad.
  18. I just read this article: http://kotaku.com/5969784/the-war-z-mess-every-crazy-detail-we-know-so-far Apparently the actual gameplay space of the map is roughly 10 square kilometers. Not nearly 75 let alone 100-400 like they claim(ed). If anyone else is still denying this game is a scam then...I'm so sorry.
  19. DayZ isn't the best game in the world, but I'm sorry the FREE MOD was 100x better than WarZ. That you paid for, and then got shit on for buying it. And banned for complaining. And told that its all your fault. Yeah... Dean Hall is laughing and so am I.
  20. Oh, Bucky. Trying to rationalize your bad choices. You're just in denial, you'll come around! I can't believe this tit Titov has the nerve to fucking say that their customers misread information on their Steam page. I could stab him to death like it was a normal day for me. Of all the greedy fuckers in the gaming industry, this guy is taking the top spot. The fact that he blatantly stole an idea, blatantly stole the exact release model and name of it "Foundation Release" from Dean Hall is too much. Rhino Crunch, bless that man, was 100% right.
  21. Oh they did, but then they decided not to work.
  22. http://youtube.com/watch?v=6OBNb7n5aa0'>http://youtube.com/watch?v=6OBNb7n5aa0
  23. I will be actively hunting down forum members who have purchased WarZ and subsequently banning them.