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  1. I hardly know Joe, mainly because I never got involved with the community until recently. So I guess I don't really know how he became so "hated". The few posts I've seen of his are always entertaining thought provoking pieces of work. I can only hope this ignorance is all channeled here on the forum and will not translate in game. The last people I want to be playing a game with are over half of this board's community. Since staff occupy the board, I really wonder why they allow what could be considered their fan base to be driven away by idiots plaguing the community. Seems all too childish and unprofessional. How and why do I act like I know what I'm talking about with this? Because I've been in mod communities for years and years. I know what makes or breaks mods and it doesn't take a fucking genius to see what is wrong. In short. Joe stay and everyone who is trolling/being fucking pricks, shut the hell up because your large post count and group does not warrant your douchebaggery.
  2. I stopped right after the baby grew up. Lame ass flash after that. P.S. - Joe is way cooler than you.
  3. I don't think it would cause enough damage to the brain. It could penetrate, but wouldn't go very far. You don't have near the capacity for damage that a gun produces. See this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDMos5pHl1w
  4. Target confirmed for execution!
  5. That wouldn't be the least bit practical. For a few reasons. 1. Far Cry 2 is a mockery of the Far Cry name. 2. It would be some nice eye candy, but extremely over the top. 3. I'd hate to meet the person who can dig out bullets, shrapnel, and fix a dislocated anything without hesitation and immediately rebound back to fighting. Why would you put in needles and anti-biotics? I want a variety of content in this mod, but I don't want no complicated surgical kit for a specific injury that would only annoy me and produce down time. To be honest, I would rather see no medical supplies at all in the mod. Depending on how realistic the team wants to get anyway. Otherwise just make the medical supply realistic and tie in with the health system smoothly. Unlike some other games I know (L4D).
  6. 1. How will zombies enter the map? Like Killing Floor/L4D where they spawn on the exterior of the playable zones and climb over terrain like fencing and what not? And/Or just spawn in an idle spot where no players are currently occupying? 2. I heard mention of small paths being favored for slow zombie game play (which is common sense, hehe). Will more open maps be a viable choice for play? Say I have rather large hallways in a mansion, will players be able to easily escape through multiple paths including staircases or simply juking around them? Just how smart will the zombie AI be? 3. Lets talk items and weapons. Are we all going to spawn with frying pans and keyboards? - I'd really like for only one player in a team to have a flashlight. It would create a close knit team play, everyone follows the point man with the flashlight, relay information or die. Need to hand over the flashlight to someone else? Press G to drop. Ooops you missed the person you wanted to give it to? It rolled in the dark corner? "FUCK OH FUCKING FUCK, WHERE IS IT!?" The only problem I see is griefing and displaying a non-laggy obvious light source from another player. I'm pretty sure this can't be done or am I wrong? This would obviously be favored in dark maps. Also its just a little idea I laugh about every time I think of someone screaming such a thing. 4. If the community were to make a map, what would you suggest for the overall geometry of the map? I know that sounds vague, but say I have several windows and areas. Will zombies enter those if they are able to reach them, won't players be able to escape too easily? Climb up geometry like the L4D infected? Also any other tips/tricks to give us mappers so we have our maps ready for a zombie invasion? 5. Exactly how does/will the barricading work? Similar to Killing Floor's very basic integrity welds? I know it is board and nails at least I still think, I'm guessing they'll just eventually break through like the regular HL2 zombies will do if you put boards up in a doorway in Garry's Mod. 6. Will there be a 'supply' in order to barricade? "Fuck, should have brought more nails..." Or can you barricade as long as you aren't being eaten in the process? 7. Will there be certain doors/doorways you can't barricade and why? 8. Brainbread was a damn good mod...will I get a much more realistic and less repetitive experience than it though? I love popping heads for hours, but I'm looking for more than that. I brought this mod up because I somewhat imagine the zombies to be active in the game similar to that where they were slow, but trying to get around them was a challenge. Also the infection status was a memorable trait. Just standing next to my friend "I got your back buddy!". Few seconds later, OM NOM NOM! 9. Have I just been blind all this time and haven't seen any answers to these questions in a convenient area? If so, sorry. 10. I like trailers to things, a lot. One thing to answer nearly all questions (and probably make millions more, lol) would be to show at least a snippet of game play. This is a stretch, but a simple yes or no will do. Can we see a game play reveal within the month or two? If that makes you angry, just ignore this last question and pretend there are only 9! I realize there is a lot to do. There always is, but at some point we gotta have something!
  7. Hopefully I'm not the only one who thinks this is epic.
  8. Thanks a lot for answering Flea. The flashlight and inventory features especially! Going to need to make some map tweaks though :/ The weekly updates have been superb. Always a favorite thing back in the earlier years and still is today. I just think a game play trailer would be the ultimate update
  9. Yay for Ken Mitchell. People wonder why so many get killed in a shooting when everyone just pisses their pants in a corner. It just takes that one person to stop a tragedy.
  10. Joe, you are awesome.
  11. Any frequent forum goer shouldn't be alarmed by general discussion antics. If you want to see a shitstorm go to Gametrailers's GD and then come back and tell me how horrible this place is. Anyway, it is Off Topic and it is a slow site all together. Deal with this "shitstorm" or enjoy talking about nothing. Not sure if it is like this for everyone else, but I saw that video so long ago I nearly forgot all about it. It was good to see such a lucky bastard again.
  12. This topic is in the Off-Topic forum. That right there should have stopped you from making an obnoxious post. No one forced you to view this thread and if you had already seen/read the contents of it then you should have either been constructive in the conversation as dude demonstrated or gotten the fuck out of the forum yourself.
  13. *Claps* A very simple poem that has a subtle shadow over a chilling fact. Brilliant!
  14. Either his mind and body couldn't handle his awesomeness level anymore, or it was foul play. I'm stricken between the two possibilities.
  15. DA's multiplayer was completely different and it failed. That's why it pisses me off that the single player is now going to be completely changed as well. Like I said the only way I'll buy Conviction is if Ubisoft has the common sense to bring back the SCCT versus. I'm not sure who to blame though. Annecy just had to put in their precious AI and came up with those stupid challenges. I just don't understand why they would remove Spy vs. Merc and make it into a hide and seek knock off.
  16. Synopsis: A story following a man with a unique relationship with fear, pain, and death. His will to live will be tested once again in the ultimate survival challenge. A zombie apocalypse. Chapter 1 - Release - Being revised in preparation for the rest of the "book". Chapter 2 - Completed - Revising. Chapter 3 - Rough Draft Complete Chapter 1 - Heart Stopper June 10 - 2012 5:03 AM A mid-summer morning in a small town called Lora. This town resides in northeast Colorado just a mile from the Colorado-Wyoming-Nebraska border crossroad. A fog douses streets and cradles everything within ten feet of view distance. The sound of an alarm calling for a man to wake from his slumber can be heard throughout a modest white two story home. Frank staggered, dazed, confused into a dimly lit room. "Gotta change the damn bulb." Frank told himself this every morning for the past six months. A shriek rose from a dying fosset as he turned the hot valve open, splashing the heated liquid onto his face. Life itself seemed to flicker inside of the scruffy, toned man. Staring at his mirror self he spat into the sink with indifference. He ran his index finger across a wicked scar just over his heart. He shuttered and began to prespire. Gripping the sink edge with both hands he began to hyperventilate. After calming his unsettled mind, Frank shook his head, turned on his heels to the shower and stepped in. 5:56 AM "Say Frank, it's a fine day for you and I to relax and hit the shooting range, my friend!" "You know I'm working today. Also, next time you call me up on my way to work with the intention of pissing me off, don't mention a shooting range. It gives people ideas." "Always a pleasure, Frank!" *Click* "Little bastard." sighed Frank as he tossed the cell phone on the passenger seat. Thomas was a close friend. Three years prior, during a tour in the middle east, Thomas was a black hawk pilot who aspired for a taste of combat. The gung-ho pilot's activities were reduced to medevac dust-off and nothing more. Frank was assigned to a small unit poised with the task of nest clearing in a small village thought to harbor terroristic activities. Frank was the second entry man for his squad's BATs (Barricaded Assault Teams). After two flawless insertions the squad planned a breach of the hottest building in the village. An innocent looking hotel near the down-town area. "GIVE 'EM HELL!" hissed Scott Fields the primary entry man as he burst down the door designated Entry Alpha. Three steps into a long dust particle filled hallway, Frank counted every single step and perceived every detail. With quick glances left and right, Fields hurled himself into the left hand door while the second team covered right. Frank and Scott breached a small stock room lined with lobby chairs, tables, and boxes. Two tangos were taking afternoon naps and were awakened to the loudest alarm clock in their life. Fields opened fire. One, two, three - Frank counted each shot, every shell hitting the dust covered cement. Thrusting himself behind Fields he selected his target opposite his partner's. "The fuckers drug themselves up, don't count on one or two shots to drop 'em." Frank recalled the choice words of his instructor. Pointing to his forehead the instructor dropped his voice to a serious tone, "A dead center head shot is the only sure fire way to stop your target." Raising the barrel of his seasoned M4A1 he placed the red dot sight on the antagonist's head and tightened his trigger finger six times rending the target a bloody heap against the wall, a spray of organic matter outlined the corpse. Checking the corners, Fields signaled all clear with a quick gesture and charged the parallel door back to the entrance hall. Three meters from the door he haulted to a skid as the aged wooden door slammed open in a cloud of dust. Confusion and panic hit like a hurricane. Weapons raised and muzzle flashes followed. Through the hail of bullets the lead terrorist's head exploded in a red mist painting the doorway with brain matter. An exchange of rounds between Fields and the second man ended in the tango staggering from the impact of four slugs to the chest and Fields slumped to the ground motionless, a pool of blood forming around a gaping exit wound. A round had penetrated Frank's right leg and he too went down in a crash. The third foe launched himself at Frank landing on him in a clumsy display of murderous intent. A six inch blade threatening to slice through Frank's pounding heart. In a rush of adrenaline he held fast against the weight of the attacker's thrusts. If I could just get my other hand around his bloody neck! His left arm was pinned between himself and his assault rifle. Saliva dripped on his face from the clenched teeth of the man on top of him. Sharp pangs kept running up his leg to the rest of his limbs causing him to cry out. Losing blood and strength at a rapid rate Frank began to panic. I CAN'T DIE, NOT NOW! NOT TO THE HANDS OF A FUCKING TERRORIST! Instantly Frank lost all the oxygen in his lungs. Blood trailed up to the peak of his chest just below his chin. The knife began to sink into his core. He screamed in agony. Frank gave a wide-eyed look at the sight of blood, his own blood. The pain ceased, a calm overcame Frank, then a sudden rage accompanied by fear envoloped him. Frank ripped his left arm free with a roar louder than the grenade blasts and gunshots being produced in the upper floors. With a heave he brought his arm up and drove his fingers into eyesockets. The tango shrieked and was repulsed. Shifting his weight out from under the bulk, Frank scrambled to his feet, leveled his rifle and emptied the clip into his would-be killer. The foe dropped to his knees as 5.56 mm rounds tore open his head and chest. *Click* *Click* *Click* Trembling, Frank lowered his weapon, white smoke faintly occupied the end of the hot barrel. It dropped to the floor with a clank. Everything, the blood, the shells, the bodies, this entire room appeared fake and unreal. Yet his perception was keen. It was dead silent, and Frank was alive. The wounded man eyed Scott Fields's coiled body, he staggered backward, experiencing what seemed to be the longest fall of his life. Keeping his focus on Scott, then hit the floor, overcome by a cold nothingness. Thomas Crow had been the only pilot available for evac at the time. Quick flying would be credited for the survival of his cargo. When Frank was able to walk he ran into Crow on the base. "Hey, it's you, the guy who made me fly his bloody ass here making me miss lunch." pointing accusingly at Frank. "No one, and I mean no one makes me miss lunch." Frank had a blank look on his face. Thomas cast a worried glance at Frank's chest, "I'm kidding, Christ. You looked pretty fucked up back there. How is that chest wound?". "Half an inch from the heart." the injured man stated with a smirk. "Talk about a heart stopping situation!" Crow laughed uncontrollably. A quick movement from Frank's crutch silenced the hearty pilot. The knob of the crutch pressed in hard against Crow's chest around the location of his heart. "I could have been killed by that insurgent filth!" Frank snarled. A look of fear on the jokester's face relaxed Frank's grip, he let out a controlled sigh and lowered the crutch. "Thanks for evacing me, Thomas is it?" "Aye, anytime Frank. Now how about that lunch?" "Yeah, whatever. Your jokes suck by the way." 6:00 AM Just as Frank pulled into the small parking lot something caught his attention. The local radio station featured news every morning at 6:00 AM. News of any kind never peaked his interest. The failing economy, more religious conflicts in the middle east, and the latest scandal in presidency. Something about this particular broadcast prevented him from silencing it like he did every time before. "CDC officials point to a new possible pandemic that has no known origin. The facts are currently unclear. Officials refused to comment any further as to the symptoms or severity of the case. They do however state that it is currently not a situation for citizens to be panicking. As WKFY News learns more, we'll update you immediately." Another false apocalypse. Frank turned and released the key from the ignition. Chapter 2 Coming Soon
  17. Thanks! I'm in the thought stage for chapter 2 right now. Shouldn't take very long.
  18. My biggest anticipation was Conviction. I played the hell out of Chaos Theory. Frankly it was probably the best game ever made. I'm afraid to say that they pretty much gave a big FU to the hardcore Cell fans with Conviction. The auto-aiming makes for a cinematic experience yet it turns the game into a linear play style. I realize the franchise has been worn down pretty well and I'm impressed at how well they've kept it up. Ubi Shanghai did Double Agent near perfectly. They brought a less shadowy element to the game, but made sure there was a familiar balance. That is the key to making a great sequel of any kind. In Conviction they made the game appeal to the masses by turning it into a Bourne adventure. Sam is super spy and everything is fast paced. Don't get me wrong, its badass. However, that's not Splinter Cell. It has always been about true stealth waiting for opportunities, utilizing your time and gadgets, and getting in and out without being seen (of player's choice). Unless the debut multiplayer from Pandora Tomorrow (also in SCCT) will be brought onto the project. If they just gave me that old multiplayer with an engine upgrade I will be throwing money at Ubisoft. Natal just made me laugh my ass off at the 360 Avatar demo. Oh, and Modern Warfare 2 looks cool.
  19. I found this extremely hard to read. My head hurts, but I had a smile through the whole thing. Is that bad? At times I think you mistake lust for bipolar disorder.
  20. You know something is good if it has a Maglite!!!
  21. Alright, I've seen enough. I'm going to go pick up Red Faction: Guerrilla.
  22. I take it back, this is really cool actually haha.
  23. Neato, I like Microsoft's tech better though.
  24. A 14th one....just when I thought I would see the end!
  25. The first AC sucked in my opinion. Repetitive and dumb, but this...this looks epic.