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  1. :)

    You're fired.
  2. They apparently tried to bomb MIT or something. A massive shootout went down leaving one officer dead and one of the suspects wounded, dying shortly after in the hospital. The white hat guy got away and is currently being hunted.
  3. I don't think I'll ever understand Maxx. He claims he loves LOST and that is all about the characters. What a hypocrite. The only reason I am pissed about this movie,and the only reason I consider this movie to all ready be shitty is because they use the fucking name of a book and then totally disregard the text. It's a cash grab and it's going to do well because people are like WWZ yeah! Although, I guess I can't give Maxx too much shit. Since I absolutely hated the book and thought it was the most boring book I ever read. Not to mention the copy I bought costs more than most of my other books and it happens to be the shittiest? Fuck. It's the only book that makes sense as an audio book though. I'm very against audio books I think they should only be enjoyed by blind people, but I guess they found the market for people with short attention spans and a lack of vocabulary or literary abilities in general.
  4. You have to restart Steam and then it will show up in your games library as a Mod Ready to Play.
  5. Bored on the internet, came across random pics of people who are suspicious. Purely fun speculation of course. This fellow is dead center on where the bomb went off. Left side brown sweatshirt. These two guys were pictured about 10 feet away from the blast zone. Then pictured again away from the area and one guy no longer has his backpack. Strange. This guy was also near the blast zone and just looks weird holding his bag all funny.
  6. Thank you, sir.
  7. Use spoiler tags, guise. Guise seriously.
  8. Ever since I started exposing myself to things like that I've actually become more calm and relaxed in life. Once you've seen these things you understand your own mortality and the mortality of those around you. As I write this hundreds of videos come to mind that "taught" me something. I don't look at it for pleasure, that takes a whole different kind of person. My other mindset is that I owe it to the people who suffered in those videos to...you know the phrase, Watch and Learn. Back on topic. An 8 year old boy was confirmed dead. Very unfair.
  9. I'm sorry I can't resist enlightening fellow human beings. Anyway, I'm curious to see who will meet Obama's 'full weight of justice'. More pictures (graphic): http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=072_1366065507
  10. Only two people died from a close proximity bomb. On top of that, there was a second bomb that went off. And as you mentioned there was an unexploded device. Could have been way worse, yeah. Subjective or not, it is kind of obvious. Don't make me drop LiveLeak videos on you. It will turn your existence upside down when you see the shit that the world has to offer you. You live in the safest age in human history. You have modern medicine, you have mass production so you don't starve, and even if you don't work or are disabled, you will be compensated and taken care of. It's really a scary thing when people are this clueless about their own existence.
  11. Could have been way worse. For those who aren't pussies and want to see the worst of the damage: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=eaa_1366058986 Best video so far: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a65_1366060955
  12. It's not the best, but you should shut up anyway.
  13. Shit son, I'd take pretty much all the characters from that movie! Primarily Captain Rhodes of course.
  14. Hello Adam from America, Could you give us some examples of your work?
  15. Glad you like our game and welcome to our community!
  16. I love your ideas, though some of them we've discussed at length within the team already. It's mostly just a matter of polish and finalizing, but we aren't close to that stage yet. When we have all of the core features in and start the polishing/finalizing process we'll for sure be taking in awesome feedback and ideas from you guys. Very well done, Finnigan.
  17. Welcome to the forum. If you're looking for general NMRiH mapping info this is a good thread: http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=6519 Sotapoika designed Chinatown and I believe nay0r helped make it some as well. Them two are pretty busy but whenever they get a chance they might be able to answer some questions. They aren't the only mappers though so I'm sure someone else on the team or in the community can contribute to the discussion.
  18. Yeah. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Chase
  19. These forums are like a playground. You can have fun, but there is a chance that you'll be horribly ridiculed and possibly beaten up, but otherwise it just amounts to hurt feelings and stolen lunch money in the worst cases. Reverend here was one of the new kids on the playground, but eventually he learned the rules and stuck with it. Now look at how successful the little bugger is.
  20. Cliff Bleszinski said it true, vote with your dollars.
  21. Talking on the phone is obsolete and needlessly expensive. It is way more efficient to just text. I use a $98 pre-paid Verizon phone and purchase the $100 yearly card, then I slapped the $10 a month unlimited messaging on it. If I ever need to make an emergency call I will always have enough $ minutes on the phone to do so. Otherwise I pay $100 every ten months for my phone. In short, I don't even use a ringtone. And no I don't use a tone for text alerts either. Since it is a cheap phone it doesn't sound the best...
  22. I don't know. You should open your mind up more to great things. As Stabbity said, Conan is funny.
  23. Yeah we're going to try and get our youtube channel a lot more active soon. We want to shoot for a weekly agenda, but that might turn into bi-weekly, depends on what there is to show or talk about.