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  1. I like it! Can't wait for the skin to come round
  2. Loving the music, especially the last two Great work guys, keep it up
  3. Hmm I was thinking of the ZM map countrytrain, which had a boardable moving train. I've gotta admit it wouldn't be amazingly reliable, you usually glitch in a moving prop
  4. I like this idea, however I think that unless there were a lot of zombie spawns at the end, everyone would take train, and no-one would choose to fight it out in the streets... Would take a good map designer to pull it off!
  5. That is the type of thing that I know I would create in a Zombie Invasion
  6. RoinShemaPayOn http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/ind...amp;#entry63160
  7. I fell off my chair laughing at this!
  8. no offense??? Mate, just shut up and get out of the thread, it's not here for you to just troll As for the grindhouse mode, I'd rather like it, though just as an option. It'd be like party mode on tf2 except more gory. Which would be excellent
  9. Sebelius? Either that sounds distinctly like a musical composer or I am losing my mind! EDIT: Or both!
  10. i definitely like this idea but it might be rather hard to code well. Very good thought though
  11. This just came to me as I was browsing the forums: Are there currently any achievements for NMRiH?
  12. Fable: The Lost Chapters Review by skeletorfw Fable was heralded as the beginning of a new era in RPG gaming, where every single action you made affected your future in the game, both physically and socially (well that's how Peter Molyneux described it, more on that later) As a PC gamer at heart I waited until the game was released on PC before purchasing it after some excellent recommendations from fellow gamers. Amongst the added content for the PC version was the ability to self-design tattoos and a whole extra part of the map (with an extended storyline) along with new weapons, armour and more. The Good: The actual game is enjoyable from the beginning with an easy-to-master movement and fighting mechanic. General NPCs are fun to interact with if done as the game intended. And the passing comments are at first excellent but end up very repetitive The experience points system is easy to understand and use. There are a fair amount of side quests to discover and complete and a few long running extra quests too. There is a teleportation system, which saves on the ridiculous grind of travel in other RPGs such as the Elder Scrolls games The archery system is fun and remarkably rewarding You can decapitate people and then kick their heads away! It is possible to procure and hold the equivalent of a few hundred cows in red meat without any movement penalty at all Beer has a noticeable effect There are a huge amount of mods for the game! There are a lot more fun little quirks such as being able to have a wife in each hamlet you come across and being able to literally own a whole town. You can talk to doors, sacrifice your mates, and randomly murder people who get on your wildly tattooed tits. The Bad: The lack of any ability to save physical progress when on a mission It's very hard to feel any empathy with the characters, the storyline never really drags you in. It seems like you're playing a game, which is A-okay but don't expect any gritty storyline or depth. The way in which as soon as you discover some of the exploits, it's impossible not to use them really, so then all the items apart from the very best ones become obsolete. You have to return to the guild every time you want to level-up The storyline takes a turn along predictability avenue towards the end of the expansion pack. There is really not very much variety in terms of the enemies you fight You cannot revisit the arena The world is pretty much entirely linear The Ugly: The sheer amount of exploits which were COMPLETELY overlooked in the whole development process, and weren't even fixed after the expansion and subsequent patches. (such as being able to buy 400 potions from a guy for £20 each and being able to sell the same 400 straight back to the same guy at the full price of £80 per bottle. In ten seconds you have earned £24,000 for no work at all) The way in which you can just level up one spell and then hold down "attack" for every fight because the mana cost is so minimal and the damage is so high The lack of any real use for the bow apart from novelty value: melee combat is quicker and easier. The complete unrealism in being utterly invulnerable whilst you have your ass in the air and your head on the floor (i.e. rolling) The occasional glitches that cause the game to graphically fail and the frame rate to drop to 2fps at best No Multiplayer! In general the game played nicely and kept me addicted for a few weeks, the controls were easy to pick up and innovative to use. Apart from a few features (such as the stealth mode) which are completely unnecessary apart from in the bits where they are forced upon you the game is well thought-out though not quite as messiah-ish as Peter Molyneux suggested (naturally, most probably because he is exceptionally similar to an excitable puppy. As soon as his dev team produces a nice innovation he immediately goes out with his poetic license and markets it to the entirety of the known world with the intensity of multiple orgasms and all the loveability of a kidney stone). The quests are widely varied with nearly no repetition, and in general the storyline is acceptable, but not exactly the work of J.R.R. Tolkein. The modding community is very dedicated and the amount of extra clothing, weaponry and more is rather astounding! The lack of a multiplayer side to this game is rather a let-down and there are a stupid amount of glitches which were never fixed, even in Fable 2. However in general I enjoyed this game, and I would recommend it to any bored PC game Ratings: Gameplay – 8.5/10 – A well balanced and innovative RPG game. Fun, but a little glitchy at times Longevity – 9/10 – Two major playthroughs are all you will need to find all the content, oh and a lot of patience for some thing, however the large modding community boosts this score considerably. Visuals – 7/10 – For its time, excellent. Nowadays everything seems to need to be washed in brown ink before it can be considered realistic. Audio – 5/10 – Not amazing sounds, with a lack of prominent music or particularly spectacular sounds. The music does fit nicely, but it could do with a bit more spice. Rage – 3/10 – Not really ever enraging, just cool and relaxed all the way Average Score – 7.3/10 – The glitches, however funny, made this game seem, at times, unprofessional. In general though, a definite recommendation from me!
  13. Also, will grenades be military ones? Or a more homemade affair, like gunpowder in a tin can with a fuse?
  14. I haven't seen a definitive answer about this: When a person dies, do they spectate for the rest of the round, or respawn after a little while? I can see merits in both modes of operation, so both ways are pretty viable. Any final decision?
  15. Awesome stuff maxx It will definitely conquer the problem in most games of people just sitting in a corridor with a rifle aimed at a zombie head and then simply waiting until a unsuspecting Zed walks round the corner and starts to fellate his gun barrel.