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  1. Alkatraz: Finally finished exams woot! I thought of joining the team, but after much enlightening of what skills I actually needed, being a modeller is important but not everything. You need to do it all baby! So i'm on this mission to kickarsery and programming ludicrious code...or trying to. I spent the past hour and a half modelling this basic revolver and I need the next step to get it towards making it work in Left4Dead. What I understand: How UVmap works What I don't understand: How to actually do it properly (please advise me) Please give me any advice on what I could add to the model, I want to improve so I can be at a gamer standard in a couple of weeks or months. What I get: Learning, very quick at it horay. 3dsmax, Zbrush, Sketchup Help me with: Insight, UVmap help, nitpick. Particular issues with UVmap: I get lost in the seams, if I model one side it does both right? A good texture is worth 1000 polygons so wish me luck guys, as I get onto it! Website with Picture Reference: Alkatraz Deviant art Check out my deviant if your interested. Im working on weapons and guns at the moment to put into Left4Dead, ones that they could either make....or find. Nothing outlandish. I can make the textures in Photoshop easily, its just making them seamless is an issue. -Cheers from Alkatraz!
  2. LOL, woops! It looked like the screws were flattened. Would you mind posting your image in wireframe on here so I could get an idea of a good model / poly rate to work by? If not, I understand. However, it would make the concept of a "gaming quality" model way easier to gauge. Cheers Mute, and thanks for the reference. -Alkatraz
  3. Thanks Mute for your input! That model there looks fantastic! I've been tweaking the model and your advise is definitely going to be taken into account. I really appreciate the guidelines because if I want to make models for L4D I dont know what I guidelines I need to take into account, so you've fleshed out some modelling issues for me. I've turbo smoothed some each part, and Ive been creating normal maps and diffuse maps for them and have a slight query. I always seem to get lost when on UV's (I need practice), so Ive come up with this trick that seems to be working. I go into max, and output the shadow maps which I then overlay onto my UV map, that way I get a depthy feel on all the polygons and an idea of which things is which. What do you think? If it makes no sense I'll post an image. In regards to your model, it looks like you have great textures, correct me If im wrong but your screws on the main gun piece are textured on, while mine is modeled. That I assume adds to complexity which is of course a bad thing for me. So I'll try and follow suit. And in regards to clay render I usually do that to figure out how the light hits it, and its makes the image look quite nice aswell . I think I'll look into how the gun is made and works to get a better feel of modelling the gun, as you mentioned the hammer and how it hits. Looking into the whole model on like a schematic for example is probably a good idea. Thanks for your input man. I'll keep working on this.
  4. Just remodelled the revolver: Re Modelled Revolver Going to start working on my UV's for it. Any tips and tricks you guys have to offer would be fantastic! Cheers -Alkatraz
  5. Yeah I reallised that I couldnt get away with something that simple So went back to modelling like I usually do, I guess I got confused a little in regards to what games are is able to use properly. I have no experience with modelling for games but I'll get there, which is why Im working on it weapons first. Do you know any links or tips for UV seeing as your the UV master? XD Im re-modelling the gun, and doing it the proper way.
  6. Yeah I am. I wanted to cut down on the polygons to make it easy to load up. Otherwise I can just box model it. Im trying to keep it simple so its much easier to manage. But to answer your question Im using splines.
  7. Hi everyone! Im Alkatraz, I play left 4 dead a crap load, and I've have been wanting to edit the game substantially for a while which Is why im here. I popped on Left4Mods, and saw your work there, looked into it a bit more and was MEGA impressed at particularly crazymatts skin work. I was wondering if I could help Heres my qualifications: Double Major, Multimedia & Screen and Sound. Covering 3D, animation, Editing, texturing and Modelling. Also previously worked with Visari Entertainment (another online games dev group, left due to lack of work) But after seeing yours, and you've done actual work, I was ecstatic! I'm currently doing a grad dip in Teaching (Secondary), but I would love to help you guys on the side for free. I currently edit existing .vtf files in left 4 dead for fun, gun textures, scratches, etc, I just simply enjoy doing it. I was wondering if you'd consider me joining you, as a "whatever" class, doing modelling and texturing, plus I'd love to get some experience working with a games development crew. Here's some of my artwork, if there's one thing you can take away from my skills, is that set me a task, and i'll endevour to do it, if i cant then.....well i'll keep trying till i do. Skills: 3dsmax 9 (furniture / accesories, weapons from concept art / cars) I know mudbox (creating muscles, cuts, scratches etc), learning Zbrush. Weakness: Character modelling, Im working on it atm, making good progress, just need time. If and when you get time check this out: http://alkatrazthorn.deviantart.com/ I try to do things differently. -Alkatraz
  8. Maxx: Are you able to export SMDs, write QCs and/or compile your files to MDLs and VTFs? I will look into it, and learn more about those formats, do you know where I can learn how to do to get more info about this? I havent worked with Steam at all and hammer for mapping unfortunately I dont know what SMD's are and QC's I'll research it tommorow, but I know the MDL's and VTF's just not how steam interprets them. Sorry If I seem really lost here, its just I can model stuff just never had any real game experience. So any direction will be awesome! CHEERS! -Alkatraz
  9. Here's my texturing skill as it were, I didnt model any of this shield, its all textured. I used displacement maps, creating photoshop textures with overlay layers blah blah extra photoshop jargon, so this is the result of my texture skills, on a simple cylinder pulled out and with a hemisphere. All of this was textured in photoshop, grunge etc, HOWEVER i didnt UV map this because theres no point. But like i said I'll make the lion one textured. -Alkatraz Life is like 3D, its what you make of it (i just need to add this in my sig lol, thought i'd test it out)
  10. I can try some, I just modeled a lion’s head doorknocker, so I'll texture it and then send it to you guys In regards to the high poly count its because I was a lot younger when I did it, I understand a low poly count is MUCH better, especially for games, I’ve been researching Normal maps and using max to create normal map burn into a lowerpoly model, but I’m currently focusing my efforts on Zbrush to learn organics. In max I can do architectural designs and guns, aka simply inanimate objects from concepts, but organics are BLOODY tough. So I'll work more on texturing, I’ll try and make the loin head look like wood but REAL wood (waiting for a wood joke ) -Alkatraz Btw if you guys have ANY tutorials you recommend I study on, because I do this in my personal time, I honestly don’t mind if you can help me help you Catch ya dude.
  11. Horah! Some replies, btw I dont mind doing weapons, Im still uploading stuff to deviant art, so go and check it out if your bored or got time. I can make the weapons though, it'd be fun just give me some concepts and I'll work on them. @dudeeaterkiller: Thats fair enough, they are busy chaps -Alkatraz
  12. Well, I've gotten 33 Views, and no Responses, let me sum up what I can do for you guys: - Im free. - A Texture Artist - Editing Texture .VTF files, have been editing the whitepage doc in Notepad++ - Modeller (currently Modelling the Aboleth DnD creature) - Fast producer & Learner - And Bloody Friendly! Hope to hear from you, - Alkatraz