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  1. What's happening with NPCs? I know that at first, beefore the mod went temporarily dead, there were supposed to be SWAT, Police, civie, and obviously zombie NPCs in the first build and Army/National Gaurd in the later ones, but does that still hold true?
  2. Perhaps an AK-74? I'm assuming that not every map will be somewhere in America. There have been well over 10 million of them produced, so that's believable enough.
  3. Did you miss the part where there are only normal zombies or what? Some have body armor but that doesn't make them special, they just have it.
  4. This guy's a troll, right? Please tell me he is.
  5. Hint: this isn't L4D.
  6. It would also create an interesting scenario. Say that, for instance, a crazed sniper is firing at random people, and suddenly the gunfire stops. You and your friend go to check out what happened, and find a broken sniper rifle at the bottom of the building. You then head up and see lots of blood, but no body. Then a low moan...
  7. Accident, or maybe to prevent someone they don't want to getting their hands on it.
  8. Well duh, they've been doing that for... uh... when did EA take a trip down shit hill again? I can't remember.
  9. Wow, reading through the book again you're... completely right. Huh. Lemme go check if it changed my opinion. Nope still like the book, even if most of the reviews are right. That's odd.
  10. She scared me. I dunno why she just did. The person who made me laugh was the one Russian priest.
  11. Hey, the M16 from A2 onward is NOT a bad weapon. It may not be the most reliable (yeah, sand and mud can fuck it up, but if you clean it regularly that shouldn't be a problem) but it is accurate, and controllable. The M16's sights actually have a big advantage over the AK series, because the rear and front sights are MUCH farther apart. This makes it easier to aim with them. That doesn't mean the AK's sights aren't more simple (because they are,) but it does give the M16 a big advantage in terms of targeting. Wow that's...that's...low, and stupid. There is a big gap between inventing an assault rifle and a ray gun. No, it is not the same concept.
  12. No no, I mean inaccurate compared to some Western weapons like the M16 or M14. I know that it is fairly accurate out to 200-300m, which is more than a normal rifleman will need, but it still isn't as accurate as something like an M16.
  13. Here's the problem with this concept. We all know the AK series to be extremely reliable- which they are. They are also not very accurate- as the series has developed, this has been addressed, but it is still not as accurate as most Western battle rifles, like, say, an L1A1 or a M16A2. The reason for this reliability is the tolerances; the AK has extremely loose tolerances. This means that it is very reliable- and inaccurate. You see, the M16 has relativley tight tolerances- this makes it far more accurate (you can take a lot of headshots from long distances, if you're competent- there was an investigation into this at Falluja, because the number of headshots was very high, and they thought the marines were executing people.) Therefore, for the SIR to have AK-like reliability and M16 (or maybe even M14?) like accuracy, is...difficult to perceive. I could obviously be wrong, because my knowledge in this field as not as high as I'd like it to be, but from my understanding of things, it is hard to have a very accurate and supremely reliable gun that is not relatively simple.
  14. Do you mean the dynamic lines? It has to be like that. There are literally, and I'm not exaggerating, tens of millions of possibilities. But if you mean the scripted dialogue, yeah. I only like Cooper's lines, and Bardak's.
  15. Not interested in it, don't want to buy it. Just post a picture or something.
  16. This. Humans, if they play smart, can know when and where to strike, as well as how. They can set ambushes. Zombies would not know how to do that.
  17. What happened in that?
  18. The devs have already said that they will not be implementing player controlled zombies. After you are killed by a zombie, your corpse reanimates as a runner and you spectate that.
  20. No you won't. Don't expect anything special. VALVe is, and always has been, a largely PC-gaming centered company.
  21. Oh, I thought you meant actually like, seeing the bullets in the mag.
  22. That would require lots of modeling and animating work I'd imagine. Besides, not all weapons have magazines. I.E, .22 Bolt-action, shotgun, etc
  23. I like this idea. Oh, also, zombienut, Mute is right. The worst grief never involves TKing, and while it may only go on for a round or two, a good griefer can make his griefs seem like honest-to-god mistakes, and therefore nobody will kick him or TK him, just patronize him. Then it can go on for a long, long time.
  24. ^ It's kind of like the "Elimination of aircraft due to kill-to-monetary-value ratio in WWZ. That's the reason why so many of the air superiority fighters got cut.
  25. Damn.