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  1. I don't know if this is done before so relax... This map is a big long road(highway) fenced both sides, you'll start at the begining of the road( maybe a car crash to explain why your on foot) you start with melee weapons no guns. You were on your way to helicopter extraction at the end of it yea maybe field or stadium. They'll be cars on fire along the way. Other shit. Once you go up a bit, A big mob of zombies appear at the start, so you start to piss your self(very important bit ) and run. 1. Obstacle Army Outpost, road block, Big gate can't get further. You'll have to find power to open, mean while zombies are catching up. at the base there are a few zombies. Add a delay with you bringing on the power for instance the gate opening snail pace slow. Maybe you'll have to slow the mob down molotov cocktails. Find a few assault rifles or handguns whatever. 2. Soon after there Petrol station, more zombies in it than Army roadblock, I don't know really know what you should do here maybe a huge fire in the way you'll have to put it out. Pull out your fire extinguishers out your ass. No you'll have to go to the back of the Petrol Station( lets make a big supermarket plenty of zoms nice supply for yourselves.) turn off the gas thats fueling the fire (bullshit excuse to put out the fire) Mean while mob of Zombies already past the gate. Big delay maybe fight of the top of the mob. 3. Ending Long-ish straight few zombies. You reach the fuckin end (stadium) and bam, no helicopter only a conveniently placed radio saying youll have to couple minutes so your shiiting yourself ( very important). You'll have to Barricade check for anything wait for death and nicely placed music facing the big mob. 28 weeks lat.... nevermind. This would be a bitch to balance but i think it'll be great map..Bam! . Good noobish tactics - they are so fuckin slow you could run around the stadium along the seats put there's alot so you'll get 1 lap max.
  2. You should call up Jessica Fletcher a granny who writes crime stories and solve crimes, kick Goran's ass.
  3. The Beta? Great Sig by the way
  4. fap fap fap..........................................................
  5. Oh Snap, How many people died? Just wondering
  6. Haven't heard that one before. EDIT: Yay Double Post
  7. Jesus thats annoying happen to me except i never saw the guy. Pretty sure it was a white skinny scumbag. Was he big?, should of decked him in the face. Get your friend to join in. Nice diagram .
  8. Ehh pretty hard to find a m1 carbine though...
  9. I have been here for a while last, i lost my account "paddy". Started a new 1
  10. Jesus christ are you a spam bot?!
  11. ciptacape ?
  12. *cough*
  13. Good stuff
  14. Crash and burn....
  15. Im still playing it with my mates....
  16. Tyson gay sucks big floppy donkey dick....
  17. Hello toots, welcome.....eh........im irish?
  18. Hehe, yeah it does look good. Looks more fps than fallout 3 (which i like) plus with the cars and better visuals. I might get it.
  19. chiccadiurf
  20. Fallout 3 was boring as hell, piece of shit.
  21. I purely love MGS on the incredible gameplay and graphics, yea Otacon is a bitch, i also disliked raiden but snake is great. You'll all base it on some of shit characters is fuckin stupid. Vamp is a great character by the way. Otacon shagged naomi in mgs4 aswell.
  22. You could be logan, he stopped posting when you came.....
  23. I think they making a tv show out of that.....any way yea sure ill be up for it.
  24. Logan MS?