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  1. Good job, lou, I really enjoy playing nms_isolated. Well deserved!
  2. R0tt3n, What they will surely tell you is
  3. Signed. I hope they eventually realize just how terrible these proposed resolutions are.
  4. Some of the emoticons from a set of 30+ I made 5 years ago:
  5. Elegant editing and spectacular frags. I love this one!
  6. I knew someone would say that haha. Well spotted, Paladin. I'm in the UK for studies, while my 'real home' is Lithuania. And yes gift-wise this is the least impressive Christmas I've ever had, but hey, like Vincent said, family love is what matters the most.
  7. I got 60 eur and many tangerines.
  8. Any chance of you being a real DPRK citizen? I guess not really.. :o

  9. +1 for Techno Viking! Hahahaha.
  10. As others pointed out, people need to realise the mod is in a beta stage. While 3 official maps may not be a lot, these maps are of super high quality and perfectly demonstrate what the mod has to offer. I think people who make comparisons to L4D/ZM/ZPS miss the point of this game in the first place. The way I see it, NMRiH aims for a genuinely challenging survival experience. The gameplay is as realistic as it can get without becoming annoying. Tension is delivered not by having the player attacked by overpowered super monsters, but by creating situations where the player is under stress and has to react and think quickly. None of the other games or mods that I know do that the way NMRiH does. This is the precise strength of NMRiH. As long as it maintains its uniqueness, the player base will only grow.
  11. Even though I'm one of those people who think NFS Underground 1/2 will most likely stay as the best NFS games ever, The Run does look fun!! Or at least the multiplayer does. Racing in the countryside! And that barn, oh yeah.. reminds me of the glorious Porsche Unleashed times on PS!
  12. Would be great to see this feature implemented sometime if the devs find the time. It's not something that too many other mods/games have, and combined with the oldschool music the "spooky mode" could be really interesting. I didn't want to make another "what happened to..." topic so I'm asking here, hope that's fine. Is there any chance of seeing nmrih_citylife being incorporated (back) into NMRiH's official maps list someday? I remember it as one of the classic levels, it was featured in a lot of updates you guys did, such as in the demonstration of blood-tec, etc.
  13. This gives me some extra motivation to work on my uni essays. Once I get them out of the way, I'll join in the NMRIH fun as well. Congratulations on the release!
  14. Now we're talking Congratulations! Everything looks spectacular... The hard work is definitely paying off!! <3 NMRIH. Catch you all on a server once the game is out!
  15. Fantastic discussion right here! Lol Dman, I just have to say this; your avatar is craaaaaazy. I spent about 5 minutes looking at it and then had a hard time deciding on what to have for dinner. Put up some secret pics somewhere sometime, pretty please!! Wouldn't you agree that it's about time to update my 'zombie rave time' sig with something new? Challenge me!
  16. You guys are both getting it wrong, THE member in this forum who is not a beta tester is right here. Best of luck to the new mappers!! The skin is neat. Hopefully the contest entries inspire some great maps and ideas! Keep on going, NMRiH!
  17. I just had to bump this to show you something I'm very happy with:
  18. When I noticed this update, I said 'holy shit' out loud. MoCap test looks very promising and hopefully speeds things up a bit on the animation side of things for you. Kynde seems to be rockin', great art!! Chinatown's harbour looks phenomenal, fantastic colours and great atmosphere. The chopper made me smile and think of Arnie in the Predator. Thank you for the bunch of screenshots, it does provide a nice general overview of how far you are in development at the moment. Zombies are looking better and blood more gory within every update, the various tweaks you make really do add to the overall feeling of the game. I LOVE what I see. Too many things to mention - I could easily extend this post to Joe's trademark 7 thousand words wall of text. I will be eagerly awaiting the next update. Best of luck to you dev team!
  19. Oh yes oh yes oh yes!

  20. Lol. It's been in my head for an entire week now..... I just can't unsee it Anyway, I say having zombies, NGs and unpredictable(!) players is enough. More is just unnecessary, not to mention the absurd effort needed to implement all that extra stuff.
  21. Whoooo shit, good luck with that, man!
  22. I lost my faith in alcohol. Heavy drinking is simply not worth it. A beer or two is ok. More than that, ho ho ho, no. A few shots of vodka at a club is ok, more than that, no no no. I better smoke some good shit. No hangover. \o/ the advantages are endless