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  1. We were planning on packaging on some .vmfs on a certain date but we can always release a select few with Hammer in the next Steam update. We just need to make sure that the source files for certain maps are fully up to sync with what we have.
  2. Note: If you find a bug, please post it on our GitHub page, click here to visit it or email support@nmrih.com Hello, We've submitted a 42mb patch to the Public Branch. The changelog is listed below: Fixed a minor script error with the Sako 85 Ironsight Uploaded a giraffe model and other textures and models Fixed the vote menu glitch as reported on github, not displaying options Fixed a glitch that allowed votes to pass with just one vote Fixed cubemaps for non-hdr mode in Brooklyn, Cleopas, Flooded, Isolated, and Ransack Server owners must update whenever they can.
  3. I was asleep, posted the small changelog just now
  4. Note: We're aware of the purple texture bug on certain maps, the problem was that cubemaps weren't compiled in LDR mode. In laymans terms, the maps will look fine in HDR mode. Expect a hotfix for the problem maps tonight. Hello, Patch 1.09.5 is now live. The changelog for the patch is listed below. Server admins should update their server boxes as soon as possible. If you find a bug, please report it to support@nmrih.com or our GitHub page, click here to visit it Added ton of security fixes courtesy from volvo Fixed medical item bug Fixed zombie skin randomization Updated cabin: clipped various areas and fixed reported bugs Updated Ransack: Tweaked zombie counts Updated Isolated: Tweaked zombie counts Updated Flooded: Reduced frequency of supply drops Tweaked weapon damages, full description below Sniper rifles reduced from 999 to 900 headshot damage FN FAL can now penetrate through zombie flesh Add cleaver Add pickaxe Add SKS without Bayonet Add Sako 85 without Scope Added barricade attack animations for zombies after 30 years of waiting Players no longer walk and run as if they have a stick up their ass Did fancy refactoring of weapon code Added a lot of new art assets and textures, mappers have fun Resized and fixed various props that were incorrectly sized Fixed a bug where firearms might play incorrect shooting sounds Fixed a bug where medical items were spawning incorrectly in the majority of our maps Fixed issue #769 death cam bug Fixed issue #724 flare gun ammo bug Fixed issue #742 medical item bug Fixed issue #700 medical item vanishing bug nmo_toxtethdark added Baseball Bat updated: HS Dam: from 200 to 225 Dam: from 65 to 80 Weight: from 200 to 180 Throw force: from 500 to 600 Updated Welder: HSDam: from 200 to 180 Dam: from 50 to 70 Stamina: from 10 to 12 Weight: from 70 to 120 Throwforce: 10 and will be for all tools to avoid being lost Flare gun updated: Throwforce: 350 to 10, Specified as tool and projectile weaponry should not be throwable. Extinguisher updated: Slowed down attack and charge attack speeds HSDam: from 200 to 240 Dam: from 50 to 90 Stamina: from 10 to 15 Throwforce: 10, Specified as a tool Barricade Hammer updated: HSDam: from 210 to 220 Dam: from 60 to 70 Stamina: from 10 to 12 Wrench updated: HSDam: from 200 to 190 Dam: from 75 to 70 Maglite updated: Updated attack animation Updated Charge_end animation HSDam: from 150 to 165 Dam: from 70 to 80 Added DamageType "blunt" Added crowbar tracer particle Updated Sledge: Dam: from 95 to 100 Throwforce: from 700 to 400 Updated FUBAR: HSDam: from 600 to 680 Dam: from 95 to 110 Stamina from 35 to 40. Throwforce: from 700 to 350 Shovel updated: Shovel animation updated, slowed down quick attack speed. HSDam: from 250 to 270 Dam: from 75 to 80 Weight: from 300 to 350 Stamina: from 20 to 18 Machete updated: Dam: from 65 to 80 Stamina: from 13 to 14 Weight: from 100 to 120 Throwforce: from 1300 to 1000 Quick attacking animations are minorly faster Lead Pipe updated: New LeadPipe animations HSDam: from 300 to 320 Lead pipe updated again, stamina from 13 to 18 Dam: from 65 to 90 Weight: from 200 to 230 Throwforce: from 900 to 700 Slowed down Quick attack and Charge speeds Updated Crowbar: Updated Crowbar Charge animation to match Barricade Hammer. Dam from 65 to 80 Weight: from 200 to 220 Stamina: from 14.29 to 17.5 Throwforce: from 900 to 700 Updated E-tool: Dam: from 65 to 80 Stamina: from 14.29 to 16 Updated Fireaxe: HSDam: from 490 to 400 Dam: from 85 to 95 Stamina: from 20 to 22 Throwforce: from 750 to 650 Minor fixes to the medkit, zippo, bandages and E-tool animations. KitKnife updated: new kitknife animations HSDam: from 160 to 140 Dam: from 65 to 60 Stamina: from 12 to 10 Throwforce: from 750 to 1100 Hatchet updated: HSDam: from 325 to 280 Dam: from 65 to 70 Stamina: from 10 to 11 Weight: from 100 to 90 Throwforce: from 750 to 800 Throwing removed from both Chainsaw and Abrasive Saw. Removed throwing for DeerHunter Bow, adjusted a bit of the throwing on extinguisher and welder so there is 'some' force when dropping them. Finished adding new bullets to all firearms. Removed fake animated shell ejection from Winchester 1892 and Super X3, added actual ejection. Sped up hipfiring for Winchester 1892. Sped up ghost reloading for Super X3, made origin a bit farther. Removed bottom coverplate and repositioned foregrip on M16A4 ACOG world model, to match with the view model. Updated some selection screens with better quality and normal mapping. New Wally selection screen. 10/22 25 mag weight increased to 260) Glock 17 weight decreased to 90) M92FS weight increased to 110) M1911 weight increased to 120) 686 weight decreased to 130) Sako 85 weight decreased to 400) Sako 85 ironsights weight decreased to 380) Zephyr: Added stair clips for seamless stair climbing action! Fixed issue with ammoboxes not spawning Extended clip on the truck in the secret stash Added support for new weapons Starting area item spawns tweaked Added new spawn locations for new weapons Midwest: Added stair clips for seamless stair climbing action! Reduced the intensity of the final runner wave Made the sako 85s in the gun store the ironsight variant
  5. Being fixed right now
  6. http://i.imgur.com/od4Ht4T.gifv One step ahead of you
  7. So... ...to answer the original question, at the moment there are no immediate plans for deceased players to control AI zombies; at least, not in a traditional sense. We'd have to develop new animation assets (both third and first person) since the zombie animations currently are optimized for NPC behavior and not player controlled behavior. Everyone can talk semantics about whether or not it's realistic, but when it comes down to it we'd like to focus primarily on Player vs Environment (NPC) combat, whilst allowing for human Player vs Player combat since that's what we're best at. That isn't to say we're fully ruling out the possiblity of PvZ gameplay. It's just, we rather have it done in a separate gamemode instead of jamming it in pre-existing gamemodes and maps that weren't originally designed for it. Third-person zombie control *might* be viable however (sharing the same animations and limitations as the NPCs), but it's something that needs further brainstorming (and even then it's kind of unlikely at a game in such a late development cycle) Keeping the thread open for people to continue this discussion, please play nice!
  8. I love this one
  9. NMRiH doesn't have NextBot code (that isn't available in SDK2013 and below) Most of the perceived complaints about our Zombie Behavior has less to do with how they're coded (code end they work as intended), and more to do with their animations. For example they can only move in one direction (forward walk), and that cripples how they're able to navigate through a level. Historically we always had an issue on the 3rd Person Animator end, but we should be able to finally remedy most of the animation quirks that prevent our Zombies from executing their full potential Zombie hitboxes were fixed and updated in Patch 1.09 (the problem was mainly due to the fact that we had so many zombie models, the original hitboxes that we had back in prior versions weren't fully covering the newer models). Player hitboxes will be cleaned up prior to Patch 1.10. Any remaining complaints about our zombie hitboxes are usually related to the zombie walk animations (their heads constantly sway so you need to aim carefully), or if you're playing on a server with high ping/latency. You need to elaborate further with the weapons, but for Patch 1.10 we're already revamping the weapon code to increase responsiveness and decrease perceived clumsiness on the Client End Ultimately we are planning and already in the process of revisiting our old content and fixing it up but to remove any preconceptions, we're using the free SDK (which doesn't have full engine access)
  10. To clarify: we spent time tweaking the distances and weapon arcs, which ultimately matched roughly with the proper length of the melee weapon (in some cases we even extended it quite further than intended). For the most part it works, if you're cautious and careful with your melee attacks. http://youtu.be/FYrkn6EFwOg That's our general melee weapon system there. It's implemented for most melee, save for the Fire Extinguisher and Fists, which use the default HL2 melee code (which is akin to a short range pistol shot) Depth perception's the real underlying issue here (unless you have an Oculus Rift, which pretty much nixes that problem). TL:DR it can get really really hard to accurately gauge how far your attack goes and where it hits since we don't use a True 3rd Person Rig (see Chivalry Medieval Warfare or Dying Light). Initially we added some swing trails behind the weapons to help with that, and we have some ideas to help further improve user experience with the melee.
  11. Skippy52 has been handling most of the development lately, with heavy assistance from several staff members on our team; by now most of the work that needs to be done for the map is mainly art related (props in particular)
  12. We more or less use the same cvars from https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Voting#Server_commands Use "sv_vote_issue_restart_game_allowed 0"
  13. Can you add -nobreakpad to your server's command line? That should stop steam from removing your crash dump files
  14. All I need is 24/7 Hoth, and from what I saw it looks sooooo awesome
  15. PvP is still planned for 1.10 and other than your typical DM/TDM modes, we had a prototype Supply Run mode which pitted two teams against each other in a battle over supply crates; Each team had to scavenge them and bring them back to their own base and fend off attacks from the opposing team. It was all done through Hammer, and we were going to code them up as proper gamemodes with all the bells and whistles (art for opposing team, new sounds, etc) and some necessary fixes (player hit detection is wonky so we weren't going to release it until we redid our hitboxes for our 8+ player models) but we got sidetracked with some more pressing events It's all still in WIP and naturally we're still aiming to get it out within a reasonable amount of time