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  1. ^^^ most the idea is taken from another game, get boring already.
  2. screw this shit.
  3. But how about when you get hurt an eye shape red screen will appear, the more you get hurt the screen will almost cover in red,when near dead,an black area will appear around the red screen,when you die,the screen fully turn black.
  4. In L4D, there is mercy hospital, i saw the butt of the patient zombie.but should not be fully nude, at least let them wear underwear. but there is zombie flash game that has nude zombie www.deadfrontier.com
  5. No!!!i getting tire of zombie dog in resident evil, ya know, in most of zombie movie there is only resident evil have zombie dog.
  6. How about when you get close the slow zombie,then they boost a little speed and try to get you.
  7. ^^ btw,flying knife is also the fear of the police.
  8. VS.

    No one win, because they both a awesome. GTA vs saint row
  9. i have an idea, how adding a bloody part at his nose,just like his nose bite off by zombie.
  10. nice,look like Kent from dead rising.
  11. VS.

    SXSW, because XD. Chainsaw vs circlesaw.
  12. VS.

    Mortal Kombat,because it give me nightmare when i was 5 year old. Altair(Assassin's Creed)vs Agent 47(Hitman)
  13. Oh my fucking god yeah.
  14. That is to hard for the snail,when respawn as snail after one second *splat*
  15. Wait,that is Maxx type of "welcome"?