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  1. w/e i dont care what some dumb fucks on a forum's opinion is, everyone fucking loves me because i got rid of him IRL. just thought i would get some lulz out of telling the story, which i did from a few people. offtopic: hey maxx, why do you have an avatar of an apeman? i always wondered that.
  2. Not against the rules of life. In general, online or IRL, im epic. No other word to describe me.
  3. stop making excuses for why it's right to be an asshole. the kid got what was coming to him, period. i dont care how you put it, he deserved it. either way, im still fucking epic for getting him expelled.
  4. That is the single most smartest thing I've heard anyone say in this thread. I'm glad someone isn't a complete moron.
  5. /sigh you people buzzkilled the whole fucking thread.
  6. Doesn't mean people have to go assuming shit. Everyone assumed the worse, like seriously, wtf.
  7. Dear god I underestimated you people, I thought you had a brain in your heads. First off, the kid is a prick to everyone and nobody liked him cuz he was an ass. I personally tried to be friends with him at some point but apparently the kid is a loner. He's a dick to people that were nice to him, and everyone hates him. I basicly bullied a bully and I got his ass out of the school. I love how everyone thinks they know the kid and know all of the details even though they weren't there. Hands down, you people are so intelligent.
  8. LOL You sound like someone who tries to act like he knows what he's talking about but really has no clue about what's going on.
  9. K, well I just got back from school, and it was the most epic day ever. There was this punk kid in my class that nobody liked, and I was basicly making fun of him and calling him gay, ect. And I FINALLY got him to crack, and he jumped out of his desk and yelled "YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!" and he ran at me, the teacher grabbed him to try to keep him away from me, and i was just sitting there ROFLING. Finally, a teacher told me to leave the room and I was all like, "kay". and so I got up, and they are trying to restrain the kid, and the kid manages to get fucking loose and hes running at me while im half-way down the hallway, i just stand there all like "LOL wtf are you gonna do?" , and the kid gets tackled by one of the male teachers. I walked away all calm n shit like nothing interesting happened. To end the story, the kid got expelled from the school because he's had alot of problems and this was the last straw. He injured one of the teachers trying to get at me too. I walk away unpunished, the god-like person that i am. Everyone is worshipping me now because nobody liked the kid and I am the person who got rid of him once and for all. Hail to the King, baby!
  10. That's good. But, how are you going to impliment so many zombies? Are you switching to L4D or are you staying on the Orange Box engine?
  11. Won't we just be able to run past the shamblers like in Zombie Master? How do you plan to fix this to make it so people can't be gay and rush ahead of a huge crowd of zombies like it's nothing? I really hope this game is NOTHING like Zombie Master's style of play, because even though it's fun it wasn't realistic and it was kind of corny.
  12. lol, you got paper cutted to death!
  13. Do you ever like, when you're REALLY tired and you need to do something to wake yourself up, masturbate? It's actually a pretty good way to wake yourself up. In fact, I didn't go to sleep last night so im pretty tired right now. Ima go masturbate. What do you guys do when your tired to wake up fast?
  14. This is actually a really super idea. And for the male zombies, we could make it so their rotting genitalia falls off after extensive use! It's genius!
  15. VS.

    ...Don't act like mics are a huge fucking inventment, they aren't that much. Plus, headsets are the way to go.