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  1. I am down. Ask Infr4mer, he can back up my non-suckness.
  2. That just came on as I looked at your post. The Borderlands trailer got me into it. As for my contribution to the thread,
  3. Yeah, when I came up with the original bracket, I never thought it would get this confusing.
  4. She is a Cammy cosplayer, the sluttiest of all females. But yes, a random interwebz whore as you said Noobbot
  5. Boo fucking yeah. And another thing. Would be hilarious if Roll wasn't completely useless this time around.
  6. Happy birthday.
  7. One word. Exploding black people.
  8. Obama isn't a socialist, he is Neo-Hitler. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfAfe8NB-IY These assholes have been traveling around my town and hanging outside the local post offices. And ignore my nazly voice, I'm sick from the kids at the camp I work at. Unbeknown to the world, Hitler's best friend was actually Obama according to this handout cover. Half the things on this poster they made are just random pictures. And also notice, the people on the bottom aren't "free trade-ers".
  9. Did not see that coming. I lol'd when I saw the first pic on the home page. Can't wait to do this to people.
  10. You can do it, synonym for jump. A large skip or a small lunge.
  11. Hello, I have lurked here for about a year. Infr4mer's friend. Played with some of you. Cool people. Now warm greetings please.