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  1. Haha, guys I said enough up there already. Take the discussions to a new thread, this was Hoff's firearms thread. Oh and noobot, I agreed with what you were saying on personal liberties. But you are way off drowning in left field brother...you've been surfing the web to much. To make such generalizations about Law Enforcement(which I serve in and don't appreciate your words) and government. I agree that there is the rampant corruption and crappy legal systems in many countires. But what your talking about could not work and would not work, your talking about anarchy. Maybe if this was a couple thousand yeas ago...but not in A.D. 2009.
  2. QUOTE (Cheezedoodle @ May 15 2009, 08:10 PM) The problem is that you were dumb enough to follow the absurd laws stated on a two hundred year old paper. If you would have had strict gun laws from the beginning things would have been different. You mean after defeating Britain with guns they tried to take from us? We don't just have guns to defend against other people with guns. Last time I checked, people were shanking the shit out of eachother in the UK. Also, this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyoLuTjguJA...PL&index=36 That^ is an example of what is wrong with Socialism. It takes away individuals rights an liberties. And like what shicken said when she mentioned you would be the one going to jail not the criminal. It gives the government to much power and wraps every thing up in red tape. I can give numerous examples of violations of freedom in England. Others may like that form of "utopia", but I certainly do not. There are more "soft" forms of socialsm, but in the end more power corrupts. That "200 year old paper" as cheesedoodle calls it, is the only thing that has perserved Americans liberties and kept us the most powerful nation in the world, the more that begins to change the worse it will be. Britian is already headed in that direction http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story...from=public_rss. And that is coming from an Australian newspaper. I'll take my guns, and my free speech. Now anyway this has gone extremely off topic from where Hoff wanted this to be. Lets get back to the weapons.
  3. Ha yeah thats the sad thing that happend with England going more socialist. Tis good you live in a nice area tho. And so we do have females on this mod site, well excellent. By the way, what the hell is a squash racket?
  4. Now heres someone thinking with thier brain, not spewing poltically correct wieners out of his ass....
  5. Wait, Panties? This mod has females present?!
  6. If you believe that just because you are in upper class subarbia that you are safe...then you know nothing about humans. I've been in the service and now Law Enforcement long enough to know. In our county...its going broke, we do not have enough full time deputies. Average response time to a call 30 minutes. And sometimes much worse, thats how busy and backed up things can get. Like you said you would be dead, or family raped murderded etc...But I agree with you there are alot of idiots that buy all kinds of guns needlessly. And yeah how you described it you would be in trouble, a gun for self defense is never hiding away in the basement locked up.
  7. Yup. If guns could go away and all violence with it, I'd be quite content with it. But thats not gona happen. To many out there and to many criminal weapons dealers... Now enough Off topicness!!!!!
  8. Oh I know, and I understand your diffrences. I wasn't trying to express a "stance" was just trying to say that no matter who you are it is good for every man to at least have the capability or willingness to know how to defend himself or his family and not take safety for granted. Situation's can change. And it was a little more personal for me with the jokes, being that I have had to do things I wish I hadn't, thanks for understanding. And yeah I miss Montana haha, used to live by the Canadian border up there, beautiful country. Now I'm in the deep American South.
  9. Now honestly to me, seeing this comment and the others above with the American jokes comes across as childish. Like some spoiled canadians who have never had thier lives in danger. And I don't mean this to offend anyone. Its better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Its that simple. I'm not in the armed forces anymore, I'm active duty in law enforcement so yes my mindset is diffrent. But I have had to defend my life and my families before without my uniform on. So it does seem very naive to see the comments, but heck I'm on a video game mod forum . I'm not a paranoid gun toting delusionist American. I'm simply a deputy sheriff who loves his family, and I've had to defend that. To many people living in America and canada have become complacent and spolied. Spend some time in other countires and you may see that things get rough for people sometimes, its the way it used to be. I'm just afraid that when things finally get bad all the little sheeps are going to be running to thier government begging for help. And as history repeats itself those little sheeple will not be so lucky. -I just went way offtopic
  10. Careful there brother, unless you have served millitary or Law Enforcement your thoughts on the AR series of rifles make no diffrence to me. There are many hybrid versions of the ARs and M4s, with very good technical designs, combat and range proven for me. I'd like to see you try to shoot more accurate with a M-14 or mini-14 desinged rifle better than my custom built ARs. Your comment I don't plan on shooting people in the chest, where do you plan on shooting people? Also I don't really get where the comment came from ha sorry little confused there...
  11. Maxx the Springfield M1A is a great rifle, not as versatile as the M4s in my opinion, but a great rifle nevertheless. Very hard hitting and adaptable in any CQB situation. Yes, I'm very computer illiteraite, but how do I post pictures from on my computer? When I click insert image I have to enter a website?
  12. Nice classics on this thread. Hoff your springfield and maxx your tube feed browning .22. My grandfather gave me one of those classic orginal browning models when I was 11.
  13. Nice Crowbar, nice Ambience. Can't wait to playtest this thing. Good job team.
  14. Sounds awesome. Will be pre cool to see some NPCs in the future.
  15. An excellent choice.