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  1. Did anyone saw that I writed "Air rifle! It can kill zombies." Yes, you did not notice it. 17 kal 4,5mm bullet can go throught dead skull. Allso its not heavy. Alot more reliastic option that M60 machinegun. Some bitch said that all my guns are RGPs. Fuck him Air rifle is is good zombie weapon. Reloading system is same but unlike sawn off shotgun you put just 1 bullet. What do you think Maxx?
  2. Make an gameplay picture where player shoot zombie in da head with beretta.
  3. Ok guys. Here is my idea: We should have "super" weapons in this game like secrets. They can allso be in special fun servers or just for admins. I hope that we dont make (all) those weapons as secret, becouse if we do so: everyone will just pick those mega guns from secret palces. It would not be funny anymore. Here is my super gun ideas. Tell me what you think, and post your own secret gun ideas. ROCKET LAUNCHER Mainly for fun servers, but you would find it from secret place with only 1 or 2 rockets. LIGHT SABER Its machete but diffrent skin and sound. GRANADE LAUNCHER Its shoots explosive granades. I dont know is there granades in this game. anyway good bonus gun.
  4. 1. Where the hell you will find Mac 10? Its only gang weapon. 2. Fuck you! We have enough melee weapons...
  5. Air rifle! It can kill zombies! Back to bows... You would put arrows on fire and then shoot them on zombies. Shut up! No one cares about you bitching!
  6. Well, Its true that many people cant use hunting bow. Thats why we should have a Crossbow!
  7. Am I the only one who wants this? Hunting bow is just awesome for zombies. You would find it from hunting stores!
  8. Great I like rifles! What about some .22 rifles?
  9. For the last time: You cant remove gun from this game if they suck!
  10. Why?
  11. It really pisses me off when assholes like you attack me with comments what tries to make me a stupid bitch. Ill tell you: Only bitch here is you I dont care if zombies will hear the drill. Its more funny and scary when you must use your chainsaw or drill carefully. You just can remove gun from NMRiH just for they suck. I think no one wants to play a game with whitout anything hard in it. Allso the drill and chainsaw can call zombies whats a good thing. Now you can just say come one zombies, and start drilling.
  12. Fuck you! I think you are the only one who has a small dick. Why you allways start bitching, when Im giving idea? I know that .50 revolver is pretty heavy and it has big recoil. Thats why its pretty slow to shoot agin. Im not talking about shootting like in CS where you just blow up heads easily, and ANYONE can carry Mangnum if you use both arms when shootting. Its a shame that this forum has peapole like you. If my idea was bad, then you should tell it with suggesting way. But you allways start bitching. Why? Becouse you are complete dick!
  13. That is the bad ass gun. Im still dreaming that you will make the electric drill for us.
  14. Good idea. There would be 3 types of helmet zombies: Soliders Workers Bikers Soliders would have the best helmet. ________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ BACK TO DRILLING I think there is not player who wants to use shitty knife, when he has this ultimate tool of DEATH. (Electric Drill)
  15. NMRiH needs theese: S&W 50. Mangnum For everybody who likes powerful weapons. It would have aiming system like in Battlefield 2. You see a zombie, aim at him and BOOM! A damm big smoking bloody hole in zombies head, and player says: "I warned you" Winchester Model 1873 Very old rifle is now here to kick zombie ass. Old peapole will love this.