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  1. Lulz.
  2. Harvey Smith was the lead on IW, not Spector. I think Spector was just overlooking all of Ion Storm Austin. I'm down with the idea of Epic Mickey, but Deus Ex 3 takes priority over any game. ANY GAME.
  3. It is debatable, to be honest. I enjoyed the movie, mainly just because it's campy and doesn't hide it.
  4. Way to ruin a great thing.
  5. I really hate commenting on other people's lists as this is completely subjective and frivolous, and this is not another personal attack on you, but Red Faction? Really? Reaaaalllly? FUCKING SHIT MEANT TO BE LOGGED IN AS SIDRA FUCKING MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS
  6. Molly Sims is so hot.
  7. Better than Dark Knight? Get outta' here.
  8. Really? Like...seriously? Reeaaallly? ...really?
  9. Since I never got too far into the graphic novel, I had absolutely no idea what was going on. It was pretty good, though - definitely entertaining. My favorite part of it was the new Star Trek trailer at the beginning though, haha:
  10. It's Sidra :<> Yeah it's way better, I was miserable in High School. College gives you a lot more freedom, but don't fuck around and skip a month of class like I did...
  11. Hahha yeah, Reapo, I miss that guy. <3 Bluehawk
  12. Hahahha oh joe... And hey Stuka and Stabbity. Oh and Stuka, how's college for you? It's a ball for me
  13. This thread is dedicated for all the fallen soldiers of NMRiH. Coming back to the forum reminded me of the all the posters that left over the years of the forum. These are just off the top of my head, I'm sure there are more so post them if you remember them. Fizban Doggath Krayzie Bone Surreal? I'm sure there are tons more
  14. Ah that's good to hear, I thought it was dead for real this time... <3 Joe and Inframer