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  1. Damnit I want to play but I'm getting that Invalid userID ticket bullcrap
  2. It would be cool if when you kill all the zombies in a wave, and someone has been bitten during that wave, a message shows 'SOMEONE IS INFECTED'. Imagine the fucking choas trying to find out who it is
  3. Will the music at the end of the trailer be used ingame? It sounds awesome, isn't it a remix of some John Murphy? (Surface of the sun)
  4. Fucking finally! Congrats on the release! I now have a halloween to look forward too!
  5. I hit a mini-writers block, I got halfway through my story and it seemed pretty good to me, then I just couldn't write anything. Also it was based around a farm and I guess there'll already be a farm map.
  6. I'm going to give this a go, do the dead start to walk or is it an infection? As in, if someone just dies of a heart attack will they come back as an undead? Oh god damnit, just looked at Joes stuff and I'll never win
  7. Zombies like Uncle Reej from The Night of the Living Dead remake (90's) would be good, that zombie freaked me the fuck out. Fat zombies, they dont explode or throw up, but it's a nice difference in the crowd to see someone who liked pizza turn into a zombie.
  8. This video made me moist. Lucky testers
  9. I was wondering if we are going to see some zombies that really look revolting, like half-rotten and decayed. Something like a zombie walks in your house with its eye hanging out and your totally like 'I dont want to touch that shit' and run. Pretty breif suggestion but heh. So will we get zombies in different stages of decay or general disgustingness like organs hanging out? Thanks babe.
  10. I am so angry I should sue, I demand to test the mod or I shall contact my lawyers
  11. God damn, I got really jazzed up then realized the date. I hope your happy
  12. That screenshot of the boat in the lake made me do a sex wee.
  13. Oh my, this looks awesome.
  14. You never fail at making me moist.
  15. God damn Sick Joe your sig makes me shite myself everytime I scroll down.