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  1. What about Brigs stuff? All of those guns and animations? Oh, and do you have a character animator?
  2. I thought Neo God's Hard Drive crashed and he lost all previous work that he created. How did you get a hold of it? Also, if you did find a way to get a hold of it, did you get everything else? Such as the other weapons, zombies, corpses, gibs, etc?
  3. Then wasn't that chainsaw already posted in a previous media release?
  4. Sorry, but I prefer the old chainsaw. It was mucho beta.
  5. OMG Mii TOO!
  6. Stop necrobumping?
  7. That character model was created about a year ago. Everything but the face was skinned as well. It's really apparent that the face was the last to be done and the had the least amount of effort put into it.
  8. Somebody had to tell the fucking truth. At least Epi was honest. Coleman just avoids answering the question so that he can fool people into thinking that he's actually still interested in keeping the mod alive. Yet, during it's 6 year run he has done little to nothing to actually keep it running. He just wanted to have his name attached to it and take all of the credit for other people's work. He was too busy with his frat parties to really focus on any worthy contribution to "his" mod. Fucking pathetic. Spread the word, NMRiH is officially fucking dead. Everyone on the team has admitted it except for Coleman. Oh and some of the NMRiH maps have gone to the ZPS team. Pwned.