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  1. As my work piss tests, this is the first 4/20 I haven't been able to celebrate in years. Worst day ever. Fuck you guys.
  2. See? This is what happens when you fuck with Jesus.
  3. Last Total War game I played was Rome. I'll upgrade my PC for this and I won't see my family for a few months. Bitchin'
  4. Rub motor oil on your screen.
  5. Bitch, get me some waffle fries. For FREE
  7. Oh shit, I think I got my stepsister pregnant.
  8. I really dig some metal bands. Not really in a cerebral way, but just because they do loud good. I'm mostly into the whole post-rock/metal diddely-o. Tool, Isis, Red Sparrows, all that faggotry.
  9. Honest to god, I just shat blood.
  10. Because I'm a crybaby pussy vagina face, I tend to buy kosher meats.
  11. Das Boot or Full Metal Jacket.
  12. I just came buckets. Thanks, mang
  13. No, seriously. I'll never vote unless he or some other Reform party dude has a chance at making it.
  14. Haven't been here long, so please forgive me if I say something ignorant: Can't a new Moddb page get made? As is, all the hype that this mod had around a year ago has vanished. If it IS still going, they should make a new page and drop a shit ton of new screens, even if they're just rehashing old shit. I want to be able to play this with a community that has more than the same 50 people plunking around.
  15. I'd say nuke Japan again, but then we wouldn't have anyone to produce them wood inducing Japanese wimmins.