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  1. Just wow. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrX7G-1xPLs
  2. There was talk about having it as a item a few months back, would be interesting to implement something like this, for suicides it would just be dumb as weed doesn't kill you, a item that kills pain sounds about right, so reduced damage in exchange for weapon accuracy.
  3. I totally agree joe.
  4. would be cool if you could try some zombie voices also.
  5. This is a unsupported map, it is a custom made map. Please go here and post, this section is for bugs to do with the base game. Dead Labs Thread http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10315
  6. the map title would look better as nms_forester.
  7. And they still wont remake resident evil 2 and 3, they avoid it like the plague *rubs hands together* there running out of choices now, maybe soon!
  8. Early 1.05 footage, working on Molotov particles when burning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TmuUYsTdf8 Early 1.05 (when mac 10 was new) props could be used to climb to high heights. picking up and gun and then shooting while holding it would give you infinite ammo The songs that were hidden on the slot machine in broadway
  9. We are sorry to hear you dislike the quality of admins, we have no control over this sadly, please select servers with trustworthy admins and please don't let this put you off the game. Regards Josh
  10. We don't own people's servers, if they want to give immature kids admin, so be it, please find another server and don't direct it towards us, there are plenty of servers out there that have adult and mature admins. I am sorry you feel like leaving the game for good, but don't let stuff like this put you off, many mods/games suffer from this and not just NMRiH.
  11. So we played some resident evil outbreak file 1 tonight and I must say the online and i think we should all download it and give it a go sometime. 1.How to set up your server account and PSX + How to English patch it. (Read the about section, to get a pre working copy of PSX) 2.How to set up the network (Manual) 3.Pre setup memory card, auto calibrates the network (paste the files into your memcard folder) (Ignore step 2 if you use this) http://www.sendspace.com/file/lgdyki You must acquire a Japanease copy of resident evil Outbreak file #1 from somewhere and you must acquire a japanease BIOS for your PSX for the online to work. Also Riley died a horrible Painful death from a crow.
  12. You should just call it nms_shaft. http://youtu.be/nFvRvSxsW-I?t=2m39s
  13. This is part of the problem, there are many others that contribute to it, like a tumor... growing in size. I urge people to check out zps and see what damage stuff like this does to a mod over years.
  14. you are shortening the map? D:
  15. "This mod is on like 2/3 of the servers, it practically ruins the game" This is the cancer of nmrih, there's only one thing worse than a infinite ammo server... and that's a pinion server with infinite ammo. I would say it nicely, but i truly have nothing nice to say on this matter.
  16. The only problem i had was carrying all the stuff around, the rest was fine, hopefully this wont be dumbed down for people who don't have the brainpower to think for themselves, maybe include 2 maps when you release, one being casual and one being "True Story" much like when people completed a disk in resident evil 2 they unlocked the true story. I look forward to seeing what you mean by streamline, but also aren't sure, could you explain what you mean by streamline? it needs more melee weapons, the strong melee weapons should be locked to later rooms, medium melee weapons for half way rooms and low tier melee weapons for the starting rooms, giving that progression to finding something more powerful as the games did. This music should totally start playing (or another track) once you pick up all plugs or when you get into the sewers. http://youtu.be/hMVcasg26eo?t=59s The more plugs you pick up, the more zombies spawn (if possible) so the map gets slowly harder, each jump in difficulty should also get its own music change, for a more intense experience.
  17. it could be used as a welder alternative, much master than the welder, but rarer to find.
  18. damn, they actually do look horrible now you pointed that out o.o
  19. I never hit you, you are tearing me apart zombie! oh hai mark, lets go eat haaaawww, oh hai denny, she loves you too.. as a friend... as a human bean.
  20. Depending how many zombies are in the area should decrease your aim from fear and panic, if you have just seen a friend die and are in the area of effect, you aim should suffer and your character breathing heavy from panic, effecting aim. 5 zombies = 5% more shakey when aimining down sights 10 - 10% 20 - 20% and so on. Just a idea to make this fit in and work properly, but there was massive debate about limiting peoples "skill"