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  1. lol Maxx is awesome.
  2. Stabbity is a dick licker
  3. Yes. I was going to donate money if they ever released the mod. I'll donate it for a pro mod team.
  4. If they decide to give up on the project. They should at least give all their content to like another mod team (INS team?) To finish it?
  5. Guys..... stop it. I was my username was "silverballers"
  6. What is your problem, i want to see this mod be made. I was part of this community about 3-4 years ago when there was nothing: No zombie panic, no zombie master, nothing. People didn't even know what left 4 dead was. I Was so sick of the mod team not doing anything and now I came back to check on the mod and they say everything is finish! And they only need a programmer?? Ok thats great news, but we don't even know if the programmer is even working on anything... they just said they "talked" I'm just trying to get this god-damned mod released. If you don't care then fuck off you idiot.
  7. Yes, i will pay the mod team if they ever release the mod. The mod leader will have to provide me with a paypal account. I hope this inspires them to finish the mod... because they only need a few things done and they are just putting it off making the mod die. I will donate about 200 euros when the mod is finished and released, if you don't believe me my father is a high worker in the company audi. Sorry for my bad english it is not my native language.