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  1. I don't have Sundays off anymore.
  2. I invented Sunday Funday.
  3. Makes sense, but I don't think a shotgun blast to the face qualifies as non-lethal.
  4. Here's a summary.
  5. They didn't even get the hat right...I mean, where ya gonna go from there? Oh - underground bareknuckle boxing match, that's where. And you know Jason Statham is gonna show up and jump a carriage over a cliff. Fuck - I'll probably still pay to see it.
  6. You're clearly not celebrating.
  7. "Laidlaw, it says here you're a writer. Well, let me tell YOU a story. Once upon a time you were fired. Then you cleaned out your desk by five." This leak is way funnier than that time Gabe traded the HL2 alpha for a sandwich.
  8. Excellent.
  9. Zing.
  10. This fuckin' guy.
  11. Nothing could possiblye go wrong...
  12. Whoa, cowboy - that's not politically correct enough. I mean, you've changed those naughty letters, but in the end you're still measuring time from the event you find insignificant. Let's just go all out and say its 4,550,002,009 Post Big Bang. Thread over.
  13. He doesn't have to be - weren't you making some Duke-themed shit for Fallout 3?
  14. Half of the players on every server will be snipers, the other half will be spies disguised as snipers...good month to be a pyro, I guess.