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  1. Normally you can help move the process along with Wallworm if you are a 3ds Max user. I don't know about Blender though. I'm assuming there would be a similar if not identical plugin written out there somewhere on the interwebs.
  2. very nice, how much? I want to make romance explosion on chest.
  3. sorry I haven't really been workin on this, but I got an update since I finished the head texture I started modeling the rest of the guy, here is what I got so far.
  4. I'm working on the rest of him, It's an in-game character of course :] Also I don't know if anyone has seen this, but I came across this model that I thought got lost in a HD crash, it's almost finished w/ a few things I have to finish up but I'm pretty satisfied w/ it. I was doing it when I was on the team some time back.
  5. and here's the head, complete w/ normals although they don't show very well in the pics
  6. here's a little update, I'm just tweaking and fixing the texture now.
  7. here's a little update, I'm roughing out the texture for his head then doing normals. obviously this texture is not done but I felt like sharing :3
  8. So, I lost the old model I was working on because my HD crashed, so I've started a new one.
  9. can't be that great since I've never even heard of that... :/
  10. This thread is so money.
  11. Here's an update, finished the upper torso mostly. maybe a few minor things I need to fix but other than that I present you w/ this picture:
  12. Yes, I lag. Here is an update, I'm doing the texture really now. Don't mind the stretching near armpits/shoulder, I still have to fix the UVs in that area
  13. Except that model can't be used because it's not property of NMRiH
  14. hey all, sorry it took me awhile to update, once again a lack of time and/or motivation has made me put off working on this, but here's where he stands right now.
  15. Just my first attempt at getting back into the swing of things since I haven't done anything in a long time, about 6 hours of work from a generic head I previously made.