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  1. Mentions nothing of NMRiH though, seems he is implementing it rather for Left 4 Dead.
  2. I imagine that he has the latest version of the NMRiH source code. It would be a lot faster to complete the mod with an already established code and to build upon that instead of starting from scratch again.
  3. Coleman didn't lie, Flea's words were a bit misleading about what I said to him. Coleman has talked to ikaru, its just that ikaru did not recieve any work yet, as far as I know.
  4. Well, I hope he sticks around long enough to support it through patches and what not...
  5. I'm almost certain ikaru will get the position. He told me Coleman has been in contact with him and seems interested to have him.
  6. Way to go, you finally posted.
  7. http://www.forum.resistanceandliberation.c...87244#post87244 Alpha Release, but at least its something.
  8. What difference does that make? It is still a negative outlook regardless which makes me wonder why some of you stick around. By the way, I have been watching the progress of this mod for about 3 years now and lurking its forums, long before the newer forums were made. Only recently did I decide to register.
  9. I can tell that your optimistic about the future of this mod.
  10. Well, this is put in the NMRiH discussion instead of off-topic so I would guess it would have more meaning than a mere inquiry.
  11. May I ask what the purpose of this poll is supposed to fulfill?
  12. Quite a few mods have this feature and doesn't seem that code intensive considering all the other complicated features this mod is supposed to have. I'm assuming Pongles coded in that free aim system for Insurgency mod. Its not really supposed to be an advantage but as a hindrance, making shots from the hip harder to do if your more than point blank at your target, encouraging players to use the sights for longer ranges. I've always thought NMRiH was going for that kind of realism, free aim is now a staple for almost any realistic game nowadays. I can see this feature being extremely effective for gameplay. Regular? what do you mean? As in a centered crosshair or your body, arms, and eyes centered without a crosshair?