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  1. Yes, he's a griefer and a troll. Now stop giving him attention and go back on topic, i say.
  2. -Nobody paid them for all the work -You didn't pay them for their work, yet you got at least the chance to play the mod the spent thousands of hours working on, and dislike it -On top of that, you insult them and their mod -We don't give a fuck about how many games you have or what you think a quality game is -You post looks like the one of a 12 years old spoiled brat -The fact you teamkill to get excited is enough to understand that you're nothing but a faggot (and a spoiled brat, of course) IN THE GREAT WORDS OF BLOODLEGION, GO FUCK YOURSELF OUT OF HERE, OR GO MAKE THE ANIMATIONS FOR NMRiH TO MAKE IT MATCH YOUR "QUALITY STANDARDS", OR MAKE YOUR OWN, PROFESSIONAL QUALITY, FREE MOD. This said, you're not worth any more replies. You're just a poor troll.
  3. I'll go take a look in that topic, didn't see it. The title is...? Sorry if my question caused any trouble. I know that making animations is a long and difficult process, and that animations for multiplayer are even more difficult to realize. Just curious to know if plans are to reach L4D animations level (which is pretty good if you ask me)
  4. BloodLegion has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?

  5. Everything looks pretty good. But, my question is: will we see improvements in character animations anytime soon? I mean, more fluid and realistic movements? I know it's difficult, so i'm just asking.
  6. Looks like a powered, more balanced version of ZPS. Which is cool. As the dev explained, the "grab" attack can be used and is activated only in certain situations/positions, while the normal attack is still the claw attack. Zombie NPCs are a good addition cause the help to balance the game (in zps being the first zombie, alone against a group of survivors, sucks). The visuals are good and they said this alpha do not show the new animations and stuff. Iron sight addition is good. To me, this will be better than zps and a great versus zombie mp game.
  7. I thought about being the national guard, but to do that you should give players strong equipment from the start...That's the problem about playing as a group of organized and equipped soldiers.
  8. I got the idea from the "challenge characters" topic. What about a game mode where you've to move through the map and save NPC weak people such as kids, old people, pregnant women excetera...the objectives are to save these characters who are barricated here and there in the map. Once you save them, they start following you. You've to protect them while moving to rescue other people. Once you rescue all the people in the map (aka complete all the objectives) you've to bring them to the extraction point while protecting them so that they don't get killed. NPCs will follow the larger survivor group, so that if someone go ahead on his own, they don't get confused. At the beginning of each round, one of the survivors in chosen to be "the leader". The leader have commands to tell the NPCs to stand still, follow him or move to a targeted point. These commands work as long as the leader stay with the larger survivor group. If a NPC is killed, the leader is automatically changed. The "send NPCs to a targeted point" command works only for points within a 10 meters radius from the larger survivors group. If you manage to save at least one of the NPCs, you win the round. If all NPCs are killed, pr all the players die, the round is lost. The above limitations are to prevent abuse or dumb leaders killing NPCs on purpose. EDIT: some additions and corrections. If the players all scatter and go alone (aka there's not larger survivor group), the NPCs will follow the leader. When a NPC is killed, one of the others (randomly) go panic. This NPC will grab his/her air, look around saying "oh my god, oh my god, we're all gonna die" and, after few seconds, he will run/move away in a random direction (the animation/movement would be similar to the L4D witch being startled and then after few seconds, running towards the survivors). To stop the NPC, one of the survivors must reach him/her and touch him/her (a "calm him/her" button/command could appear in these situations, when you reach the NPC). Once calmed, the NPC will follow the player back to the group. When you hear and see one of the NPCs who starts to panic, you can touch him/her. If you manage to touch him/her before he/she starts to move, you calm the NPC immediately, so that if you're vigilant enough and manage to stop the panic immediately, you don't have to run and go get them afterwards. Each NPC you find could have a personality and a personal story. They are barricated in rooms, shops excetera. Some of them are alone, some of them are together (for example, a pregnant mom and his kid, or a kid and his gandpa).
  9. It makes, indeed, the game harder. Think about it. It's a coop game. You weaken one member of the survivor team, you weaken the entire team, making it more difficult for the others to proceed through the map. I think that for people who wants more challenge, it's enough to just make difficult levels with more damage taken from zombies, higher infection rate, less stamina, less ammo, more, and more aggressive, zombies. But you gave me a good idea, i'm going to open a thread.
  10. I guess, may be it's not hard to let a player move a npc shambler. But i guess it's not easy to implement all the gameplay stuff. But it's not necessarily something that must be impemented instantly. Could come in future updates. Anyway, as i said, it's not a versus mode. It's just a way to actively partecipating in the game and kill the time after death, trying to be a little pain in the ass of the survivors, making things a bit more difficult for them. This means, you don't have to worry about balance. Being a shambler/sighter is not, and must not be, as funny as being a survivor. People already compare NMRiH to the other source sombie games around. There's a thread about "why i can't be a zombie like in zps". The fact is, this idea, and NMRiH gameplay in general, is much different from any other zombie game/mod. If people want to compare, they will do with or without a option to be a zombie. What could require some work is all the stuff to prevent exploits. But as i said, this mode must be very limited. I've read people asking "why don't you put a mini-game for dead/ waiting players", people complaining for the long wait after death/ joining late, and people asking to be a ble to control a zombie. This idea came up thinking about how to put these three things together. You can be a zombie. You can only do it in a way that resemble a mini-game (trying to make the undeads press the survivors more). Doing so, you have a chance to make them die faster = shorten the round = end of the round, end of the wait. It's very different from a versus mode like ZPS or L4D. Another kind of "be a...", could be the dragger. And alternative to the sighter. A dragger could be a zombie without legs. You can drag him around. If a player come near you, you can grab him and bite his leg. 100% chance of infecting. You're a easy target, very slow and very limited movement. But you can place yourself in dark areas or near doors to try and infect someone. You can easily be killed if spotted. Survivors would have to be careful and watch the ground too. If you infect someone, he's forced to use pills. Same concept as the sighter: you're not a match for a versus mode, but you can be a nuisance and contribute to put survivors in difficulty. So, dead/ waiting players would have a triple choice: spectate, be a sighter, be a dragger. General ideas anyway, i don't even know if they can be applied to the game, or how hard it would be to apply them.
  11. Yes, i said it above. Movement will be limited to what zombie npc can do. This means you can't jump, duck, strafe excetera...you can just shamble/ drag yourself just like zombie npc do. You give the direction and, if you manage to get in a 10 meters radius from survivors, you can roar and most of the shamblers in a certain area will move to where survivors near you, are. The ability would "activate" only when you're in a 10 meters radius AND near the largest survivors group. As i said, it's not a versus mode. You just get to control a shambler as if you were guiding a npc shambler, and in a certain situation you can turn the attention of other shamblers towards the survivors.
  12. I like fire propagation too. Being able to pour trails with gas cans and then light them...and that's just one way to use it. I think the things you can do with fire propagation are countless. Plus, survivors would've to be careful to not get trapped by propagating fire when inside a building.
  13. Also, other zombie types could be available fro this mode. For example, you can be a zombie with no legs, that can only very slowly drag itself around and grab survivors if they walk on you/very close to you. You can drag yourself and wait for players to pass near you, grab them and bite them. Very slow, very limited but leaves room for fun. You can drag yourself in dark areas, under a table, or where you know survivors will pass, and wait for them. So a part of dead players could be sighters, and the other part could be draggers. Draggers could have a much higher infection rate, so that they can force survivors to look for pills. Survivors would be forced to look at the floor too when passing through dark areas. So, a dead player would have 3 choices: spectate, become a sighter, become a dragger. And if you notice that you are getting bored of being a slow zombie, you can have the choice to go back to spectate. But once you go back to spectating mode, you will be forced to just spectate till the end of the round. Just a general idea however.
  14. Roar would "activate" only when the sighter is, let's say, in a 10 meters radius from the larger group of survivors. Meaning that you can't call zombies in different areas or near a lone survivor. This leaves no room for exploits such as: one survivor run away, the dead player follow him and roar to clear the path for the larger group (groups of friends could think about this to easily clear maps). Multiple sighter can roar together, but the result would just be the same, since they are surely all in the same area (near the larger group of survivors). The roar followed would be the last one. If survivors are all split up in groups of the same size, roar does not activate. There are lots of limitations, but as i said, this is not a "be a zombie" versus mode. It's just a way to partecipate as a zombie, in a way that does not change the coop core of the mod. Just to give a option other than the spectating mode, and throw a bone to the ones who like to taste the zombie side. Sighters also are forced to cooperate. A sighter alone can't do much. 3- 4 sighters could coordinate to position themselves in different key points of the map, waiting for survivors and increasing the pressure a bit. Just a bit, since zombies are going to already follow survivors and press them. Sighters would just increase this a bit. As i said, it's not versus. Very limited. But could still be fun and better than spectating.
  15. Yes i forgot to mention that. You would be able to just move like a shambler. Means, no jumping, no running, only the basic movments and speed of a shambler. Let's say that you're forced to move like a shambler. What you can do i to drag yourself as close as you can o the survivors and call the attention of other zombies upon them to hinder them a bit. The roar would not be much overpowered, since the shamblers called will move slowly, so it will not be a rushing horde. But combined with a new zombie behaviour that makes a part of the shamblers follow the scent of survivors even if they lose sight, once they come in contact with them...could add some challenge. It's not a "be a zombie" thing. It's something to - Make you partecipate after death, aka no spectating for 10 minutes - Make it in a way that is not a versus mode, to keep the coop core of the mod - Make it in a way that makes being a sighter better than spectating, but far worst than being a survivor, so that people don't die on purpose just to become a sighter. In fact as a sighter, you can only drag yourself around and use a roar once every 5 minutes. It's very limited. - Gives something to the ones who like to taste the zombie side - Doesn't leave room for exploit, since you can use roar only near the larger group of survivors, aka no smart people using the sighter to clear the path of the survivors Another interesting thing is that a dead player could just shamble near the extraction point and, once survivors gather to wait the rescue, he roar, making the last stand even more difficult/exciting. My doubt when thinking about this idea is: may be the roar should be limited to shamblers from a large area and runners only in the very close range. Cause calling runners from a large area would be probably too much...