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  1. kent karma FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS!! leggie blonde, mutha uckers, bret youve got it going on, all of it!!!
  2. yeh ok this hasnt worked, and ive just seen a zombie rpg so
  3. instead of making character bios and having a proper rpg, just tell some stories
  4. ** Day 16, around mid-day ** The events unfolded over and over in my mind till my broken heart reawaken my senses. I ran my battle worn fingers through lilys hair whispering my final good byes till her final breath drew out over my slumped figure. Id seen it before.... to many times before, even as i focused all my energy straining to see a different outcome in the waves of red liquid filling the room i knew what must be done. Harry's words fluttered past but from his tormented face i understood his cry. Someone need to pull the trigger..... not my lily, not now..... ** Day 18, getting darker ** Andrew didn't talk at all since lily, only a murmur to pass-by on some stale bread and dirty water, i could see the torment of broken love infecting his mind ... maybe we should give up.... ** Day 29 ** The horrific shock seemed to have died, having to change safe houses, the fear and reality of situation finally snapped Andrew and myself back to straight thinking, and we once more began to discuss our never ending survival plan. However my nightmares are getting worse... no man should have to murder a friend, especially lily, she was almost like a sister to me.... Those dreams, I cant escape the green eyes penetrating my very soul as i aim ... the gun slipping from sweat, blood and nerves.. till my very core is shaken. We plan to seek proper shelter, but my main plan is to protect my mind from eroding guilt...
  5. lol yeh actually your right, that is probably the most general topic in zombie forums, instead, lets ask, what is everyone playing atm?? game wise
  6. so over on sacmos zps servers weve had some funny discussions on what you would actually do in a zombie apocalypse so instead of another standard welcome topic, lets see what you would do in a zombie apocalypse ......
  7. nah zps, looking forward to seeing this mod
  8. hey everyone, Im new to this mod but have been checking all the topics and news as this looks great. im currently an admin for a server on zombie panic, and i feel this mod its going to blow us away. not to over hype it and get let down but it looks good. so yhe just to say hi and ill be a forum member