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  1. i still play all the time. still lots of fun.
  2. Got it early, been playing through single player. To be honest I really liked the first game. It was new, it was fresh, its story was interesting(minus the ending.) Now.... after about 5 hours of Bioshock 2 singleplayer... I feel like I'm playing the same exact game over with more slots for abilities... So far I have seen 1 new weapon that actually feels new. I have no interest in the story at this point, and I cant believe they expect people to spend another 70$ on this game... And as for multiplayer... AWFUL. The game mechanics just don't seem to work for multiplayer combat in my opinion. I'm sure that people out there will enjoy the online aspect for a short time, shooting up friends with the various plasmids, but I can see that feeling wearing off very quickly. Besides the fact that I'm waiting 5-10 minutes per lobby before I find a game, I don't have any fun once I'm finally playing. Either way, big disapointment. Hopefully the story gets better... and maybe I can just forget that the multiplayer side ever existed.
  3. Fantastic fun so far, but the game clearly states that the demo does not reflect the quality of the finished product, and is an early build of the game. This could go either way, and what I'm hoping for is that Rebellion uses the feedback from the demo to better balance the classes in its final release (or possibly patches?) However, I find that to be unlikely considering how close the release date is. I will say this, every class can be good in the hands of a skilled player. Unfortunately nearly 50% of xbox-live is medically retarded, and as such the Predator seems to be the dominate, or "easy" class. Only time will tell how this shows in the final product but I am definately buying the game on release day. p.s. I fucking LOVE the more intimate "grab" kills, thats some entertaining shit! It's like that first chainsaw kill in Gears Of War, pure joy!
  4. holding 2 copies of it right now. bout to throw it in.
  5. and its "so you" to contribute abso-fucking-lutely nothing what-so-ever, polluting a "tribute-to-the-dead" thread, as it were, with more of your nonsense. You are trying WAY to hard Sidra... Anyway... Yeah, it definitely sucks, but he lived a long life and actually faught for what he believed it. Although he died of tragic circumstances, he probably died knowing he left something important behind... even if it is just his message, it will not be forgotten.
  6. Saw it. Loved it. It should've definately been trimmed down about 20 minutes, however. I am a huge fan of the directors style but there were a few scenes that dragged on so long I was willing to shoot myself.
  7. enough is enough. whatever the fuck that made people like you is very quickly wearing off...
  8. I'm wondering that to. Why did you sell the shrooms and the e? could have had a bomb time!!
  9. ignore this. NMRIH forum glitch?
  10. Cant really tell to well what they have put together from those screenies. I am definately pumped for this game, now.
  11. sounds like some crazy bullshit to me. MVC2 is one of the best fighting games ever made, and the character roaster is fantastic.
  12. I've been wanting it to happen since the fuck up that was Ressurection. But It would have to be done by the right people, and as different from Alien Vs Predator as possible.
  13. Thank you thank you thank you Maxx!! I hated this guy so very much. The irony man... I love it.
  14. Sniper Elite for the xbox original was OKAY. Not great, but had a few awesome sniping moments and the entire campaign is co-op i believe.
  15. you guys just blew my mind. That Log Drivers waltz was played for me and my grade 3 class many times and I havent seen it in AGES. cheers for the good memories guys.