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  1. Thanks guys. Just added a little more before and finished it off I will texture it soon.. I shouldnt really be modeling as im on my Final Major project at college which is extremely important and I should be using all my time for but this was just a quick fiddle with 3D anyway http://ri0ku.deviantart.com/art/Minigun-85577254
  2. No reference so it looks weird I know.. just my imagination. Its not completed yet but getting there http://ri0ku.deviantart.com/art/Minigun-WIP-85504721
  3. haha thanks man. Pysched about the mod cant wait to play
  4. looking great so far! yeah cant wait to see the in game shots. but looking good so far keep it up
  5. I think this is a great idea, it does get more atmoshperic and scarier when there is hardly any lightening. Also you would have to rely on your friends allot more say if your light had dimmed out but they still had theres.. you would need to rely on there light.
  6. This is cool man, what program did you do them In?
  7. Hey guys, Iv been watching this mod for a long time and it is looking absolutely amazing. Cant wait! the team is realy doing a good job and the atmosphere you pick up looking at there art work and 3d stuff is GREAT! Iv also been looking at you guys threads and models and what you come up with and its looking cool! Thought I would post some of my 3d work, hopefuly you can give me some feedback too? In september im going to Uni to do video game design Which I cant wait for! Anyways here is some of my early stuff http://ri0ku.deviantart.com/gallery/#3D-Models-designs I feel abit lame for showing my work in my 1st post, kinda looks like I could be one of those 1 post wonders who only want then leave.. Well I aint like that and I plan to stick around! Cant wait for the mod