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  1. Of all the people, I knew I'd expect a response from you Joe! Never stop with your awesome posts.
  2. Hey guys! Its been a long time since I've been around the forums but I've still kept up with the news feeds and updates. I am excited to see the mod come to a release for everyone after all these years! Any other people from the past show up with the release of the mod?
  3. I thought I heard something about a leak. Anyone else hear that? I guess it means little now thats its almost out but....I might have to find alternative methods to get the game myself and was surprised to hear no one talk about it.
  4. Its way difficult to get into a game and when I did it just felt weird I dunno. I don't like the hotkeys for suit changes, I hope singleplayer isn't like that though Multiplayer wasn't all that bad just seems sort of jarring in demo form.
  5. I don't think 5 hour games are considered for game of the year. I beat it on Hard way too fast and easy. I think it is mostly because its non-stop action which was cool experiencing it but when I finished the game and it felt like Gears of War meets Serious Sam I wasn't really happy with the ending
  6. I had a lot of fun with my friend when we played. There was some definite issues with matchmaking which I think sort of ruined the cop experience a bit but the game has a lot of potential with this new team.
  7. I better get my APB:reloaded beta invite considering how much I loved that game
  8. I'll reinstall and see how I feel about it. I only played it a little bit. Never was very good at it.
  9. Ya when I saw a screenshot in the new game informer which suggested that now the buildings will be bigger and it'll have a few more urban battles, man, nothing gets me more pumped than blowing up a virtual building. I don't know what it is. I just really like deconstruction.
  10. I really enjoy that but I, for whatever reason, could not get into blockland or roblox or whatever that is
  11. Yeah, thanks though. I was thinking of reinstalling it even though I already beat it in like 3 hours. The DLC makes the game a complete waste which is sort of humorous in a way. "Oh sweet new weapons...oh wow every level is super easy now" I think since I made a new comp I'll check it out on HIGH DEFZ
  12. For sure man. I'll also take gore as a runner-up answer. Which sort of makes me want to find Soldier of Fortune and reinstall it.
  13. I really enjoy blowing stuff up, help me relieve my stress of being a no body and find me some games that allow me to blow up buildings and such. I currently am aware of or play: Battlefield Bad Company 2 Breach Warmonger Just Cause 2 Crysis Crysis Warhead RedFaction Guerrilla I cannot think of anymore that allow me to tear the world apart. I want this. Help me.
  14. You can add me. KentKarma or Kent Karma I cannot remember if theres a space or not.
  15. They're the future of iced cream treats. Except when you get those little think-for-their-self'ers at the bottom of the bag and they form an icecream rebellion in clumps that wont come up. Till they melt away and its fun time sugar water.