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  1. there is also a bug with visgroups (maybe not so much a bug but annoying ) when you create a new visgroup if you dont assign something to do it straight away it will self delete because its empty
  2. there isnt really any sequence except for toxteth/cleopas/arpley are in a rough order of timeline and geographical distance, plus broadway1 is meant to also be a follow on to broadway2, the rest of the maps dont lead onto each other
  3. looking pretty good, keep working on your lighting, just one thing i noticed that bugs the crap out of me when people do it, the rectangle ceiling light needs to either A, have a frame around it, B, be inserting slightly into the roof into a hole, its not been made to put just put there like that because you can see through the sides of it ( because there is no sides ) keep up the good work, and be sure to keep your rooms to a decent scale some look like odd sizes in terms of wall heights ( from a hammer and optimization pov )
  4. hi there, thanks for the application, i'm sure another member will possibly look at this, i'm not sure where a Skinner would fit into the team as its not really a role as such and i have no idea what a beta importer is. keep on doing what your doing and expand your skills maybe into level design or modelling, 13 is very young and you'll only get better over time.
  5. looking great that abilities
  6. looks rather nice my friend
  7. looking pretty nice mate, just keep working on that lighting more
  8. it looks like your focal could be slightly out ( making it not seamless near the edges ) as for the top view well that could just need rotating 90degrees to fit
  9. which program did you use to render the sky?
  10. Possibly
  11. yeah i would fix the compile issues ( even if they appear to not cause any errors ) as for the compile error " make_triangles:calc_triangle_representation: Cannot convert " this is caused by a model with a problem on it, 2 or 3 of our models ( not sure which ones ) cause this compile error but this error does not cause any issues, the lights bug is the one that should be looked at along with the props outside of the map and the nodraw on terrain, all easy fixes what i meant about the csgo hammer is it crashs more often and the game can crash more often aswell after doing small things , thats what i meant about being buggy not the acutal quality of the maps because being honest csgo source engine is the best and latest source 1 engine ( i think ) im interested in seeing a top view from hammer of your map in the top grid viewport, i dont know how youve hit over 200% ent data without somehow putting a shit ton of props and entities in general around the map ( unless its a pretty large complex map ) on some of my maps the official ones like, i dont tend to hit over 130% and they are pretty damn complex, and its not until i start putting in the objectives which causes it to go over 100%
  12. porky is correct, you can just get to a certain point where adding the sligthest thing can cause problems even when the compiler isnt reporting anything wrong, i find CSGO hammer is the worse that is so buggy
  13. which hammer are you using mate? being honest your best just running the hammer ( that is standalone ) which is preconfigured for nmrih, all hammers now just run directly from the games/mod folder like cs etc and dod have there own hammers since the 2013 steam branching, it can be found under your steam folder @ steamapps/common/nmrih/sdk/bin > hammer.exe
  14. you might be using a physics or dynamic prop under static, which prop is disappearing, like atheist said there is no obvious compile error relating to this ( which there normally is when the compiler decides to remove a prop ) if i were you id be more worried about sorting out the leak and the bad displacements
  15. its happening we are working on it