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  1. bloody hell leon and david bowie are so close...
  2. huh would have thought dragonforce would be good. Why they bad man?
  3. no some disease possible dummitis but not down syndrome
  4. not now
  5. I agree sort your life out dude ypu think your super cool in your room where none of us no where you are. but think about what ur doin
  6. Did we fuck, your just not right
  7. too far man
  8. u realise like 70% of this page is us arguin. so im sorry to all assholes lets leave it
  9. Forever, papa roach well enough alone, chevelle
  10. Just give in you'll have to finish up sometime. Come on you gave me an opening. Ooh :friends:
  11. so, your used to that.
  12. your face your mother your uncles second cousin twice removed. the comeback asshole strikes again
  13. *sigh* children must we go there. this will get to deep and one of us will give in eventually. OH YES I AM ON FIRE
  14. yeah you too ya stuck up bitch. MAMMY id hit you over the head with a rock.
  15. The guy who shot the cactus while stood underneath was better!