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  1. Good catch, I didn't notice that.
  2. Hey guys Source
  3. Only 1!
  4. Thank you. This makes me happy.
  5. LoL

    My favorite part is the Christmas part.
  6. I actually just today took the time to find out what Fallout 3 is and it looks absolutely amazing. Problem is my computer can't run Oblivion so pretty much Im SOL. What I'm trying to say is give me money!
  7. Hmm does that work!?
  8. Thinking is stupid
  9. I lol'd
  10. I'm an O.G.!
  11. I love you Joe, you're so honest!
  12. John C Reilly is best in Brules Rules IMO
  13. Welcome to the NMRIH forums ArchAngel, I'm sure you will enjoy your time here as all the forum members are extremely kind. Anywho, I hope this is your way of applying for the coder position, if that isn't what you're doing then I'm sorry because I don't know a thing about making a mod or a plug-in!
  14. Ya I like movies!
  15. If we get a coder I'm in.
  16. Name 1 person!
  17. Theres the 2004 editors choice edition for 15 dollars but thats all I see. Inframer tell me where you get it for 5 dollahs please!
  18. Where can I buy ut2k4 for 5 dollahs!
  19. So any news about the coders who applied? Im dying to know
  20. I agree. We must take action!!! And by we I mean you guys. No but seriously we should really get a news thing on moddb for this
  21. Just hope the demo comes out before the game.
  22. Can you give the heavy long hair? Please it'll be so cute!