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  1. Ok, so I've been thinking about getting a ps3 lately. I've always been sort of a playstation fanboy, I had the ps1 and the ps2 and never an xbox until recently when I bought an xbox 360 off of woot. I thought I was pretty satisfied with it but at this years E3 it has been the ps3 that has been most impressive to me. So my questions are: How big of a ps3 do I really need? I mean between the options of 40 gb 80 gb and 160 gb. Do you really need that much space? What are the advantages of that? My 360 only has like 14 gb or something and I don't feel like I need anymore. Also do you think I SHOULD get a ps3?
  2. I only wish it was set in Europe
  3. Engineer/Demo?
  4. http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/58658 Can't wait for mah hats!
  5. Just got back from it, really liked it, Simon Pegg is my hero.
  6. Liking the ambient track seems like it will add to the experience and not distract you from the game.
  7. Oooooh, I wanna see so bad!
  8. My school is closed for the week due to SWINE FLU.
  9. Sometimes you have to thin out their numbers.
  10. The guy had it coming
  11. I bought this game a long time ago on the steam 1 day sale! And the name is simply Zeno Clash Eskill.
  12. Ya, I was sort of thinking about gamefly. What do I get out of getting invited by you?
  13. Off da chizain!
  14. I've got a question for you 360ers. I'm not really made of money and was wondering should I buy/rent or acqure my 360 games by other means. Any answers would be appreciated!
  15. Well here is how it happened. I didn't have an xbox 360 at the time of my first post. But since then I bought a 360 from woot. So now I will definitely play Assassins Creed.
  16. Awesome. I never played the first game all the way through but I'm a ninja so naturally this type of thing appeals to me.
  17. Hello brother.
  18. Ya!
  19. These spammers are persistent...
  20. I just finished World War Z todaaaay
  21. Thank you guys, I love this news!
  22. Toooooooooooooooooooooom
  23. Farewell Filefront, you treated us well...
  24. Maxx payne