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  1. Thanks bro. I take ps3, 360 and pc games just fyi
  2. You guys should share
  3. Its hard to argue with crazies
  4. Good to see only rational people have power.
  5. Did you ever find the boots of blinding speed? Cuz I did and I accidentally glitched it to where I could see, bitch.
  6. I'm gonna have to copy you on this one. This is probably my all time favorite single player game so therefore its my favorite character. Also I can't wait for The Last Guardian, I love Team Ico's style
  7. Someone this morning at my game class had God fight Death using a chainsaw. God lost but only because he had fought a hippogryph earlier and was weakened.
  8. Poor bear is out there with no arms
  9. I really don't think the majority of the community will mind if the update is a little low on content. Then again I could be wrong.
  10. I got borned.
  11. Woo! Everything looks top notch, like always.
  12. Someone please make a gif of the last part of this video. The video is 12 seconds so you don't have to watch alot.
  13. Oh god that is awesome. Thanks a lot Surfa!
  14. boobonic plague
  15. You guys are so anal about your anal.
  16. http://i30.tinypic.com/9ih3eh.jpg download http://www.filefront.com/14454371/thecoolkidzhalo.rar/
  17. http://xbox360.ign.com/dor/objects/1428110...nner_90109.html Looks pretty fun to me.
  18. The 8 bit video was flipping awesome. And Sidra... when that dude pulled down his underpants I was like FUUUUUUUlol <-----watch the video you will understand
  19. I just found out about this on IGN and thought it was worth sharing. http://ps3.ign.com/articles/101/1015978p1.html Not alot of info on it now and I really wanted a video or at least screenshots. But oh well.
  20. Thanks Riley I really wanted to see some gameplay of it, and yah it does look pretty fun.
  21. Apparently you can't reuse the beta keys. Who would have known! Anyways it was worth a try. Thanks any who Raijian.
  22. Alright thanks, man. I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic games even if I don't know anything about the game. For instance, I just learned this is an mmo. Which is not a bad thing at all, I'm just saying.
  23. If you can give beta keys I would very much appreciate if I could have one. I'd like to give this game a try.
  24. Is there going to be death notices?