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  1. All I need is a shotgun and pistol!
  2. I actually really like the idea of it being so dark you can't tell theres an invisible wall making you go back to the house. BRILLIANT! (sort of reminds me of one of the levels in the first halo level where you can drive in the water forever)
  3. Ahhh ok I found it thanks for the help -|-<
  4. Gamegus you have 1337 posts! You may never post again!
  5. I'm gonna have to try some Corn Pops. Haven't had those in forever/ever! In the meanwhile this is what I'm like with my cereal. Well the first 11 seconds is.
  6. Im not seeing the vent info. Please help!
  7. I'll be satisfied with anything that's not zombie master's spectator. Its a real pain dying early and having to spectate for 12 minutes!
  8. A fence to prevent invisible walls!
  9. Well I know if I was in a zombie apocalypse the first thing I would do is try to find a gun!
  10. I'd really like to see the second idea with the house in the middle of the desert. Just seems like it would be really creepy. Also the third idea about the poor neighborhood sounds really good too. The first idea seems sort of weird to me so far but meh. Anyways looking forward to the other 2 maps and seeing your great ideas come to life!
  11. All you do is argue waffles!
  12. A big plus side to ZP:S is that there isn't loads of prepubescent kids talking nonstop!
  13. Not sure if this has been discussed at all but if not I'll give it a go. I think that there should be a system for weapons spawning in different areas around the map. If you have ever played ZP:S or ZM you know what the beginning of the round is always like. People focus less on surviving and more on getting to the rifle or the shotgun. If you could make it so there were designated spawn points for weapons but it was completely random whether there actually is a gun at the spawn point or what type of gun it is would be awsome. By the way this is my first post on the forums and I just registered but I've been following the mod for a while now. And I have to say this looks like the most promising zombie mod out there. Hope to see the solid release date soon! Edit:Sorry just read around a bit about the mod and saw that it's already being worked on.