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  1. Ummm yeah, that's for you to do and to decide. Not us. Our instructions are to see if you can do it.
  2. Well, this is genuine data to understand most of our players prefer the game through firearms. Otherwise the counter-act notion of this, is that melee needs more work. Or, zombie swiping and hitting needs to go out the door to fully enjoy melee and not desire more fire power. While zombies remain hands on and bitey ^^ Regardless otherwise, the server mod is nice. But not Fun for the intent of the games design after a while.
  3. On top of that, Valve has decided to dive fully into OpenGL as their rendering platform instead of over the top advertised DirectX. Which is great!
  4. It is terribly difficult to see in many areas of the game, as at the office many co-workers are finding it the same troubles. Either Ambient lighting or Post-Processing does need adjustments.
  5. I've started to have a bit of fun with this. It's currently in beta, but if anyone is interested. Try it out, its FREE! haha > http://www.heroesandgenerals.com/community/ - Images:
  6. No dude... Michael Larson is the real name of the rapper on Abilities avatar. AKA "Eyedea & Abilities" or "Oliver Hart"
  7. Haha no problem man BTW michael larson is the shit for rythmic poetry... may he rest in peace! [i've been a fan of his since he was still doing his freestyle battles!]
  8. I'll just give you a few pointers to keep things easier to be approached by. So you can put yourself to use with your current map, or a new map? 1. It doesn't matter if you use another game editor or a related editor. Just keep working with NMRIH content if that is what you are still in desire to join up for! 2. Definitely focus on lighting, but do that LAST in your process of building your map. Many things can change in design along the way. Ultimately you want to see if your layout reaches the end goal of what you were initially going for when first building the map from the idea counter-part. 3. When you do detailing, do it FAST, keep it SUBTLE. Many people today feel like grunge up their levels will bring more believably but it really doesn't. It does more so look like a 3 year old was given a crayon and was told to run it on any surface. So as you can imagine, it does in the end look messy. But not quite the reality as you may imagine if were seen in real life. 4. Back to #3 ^, build the ideal world you want first, make the proportions correct, and start with a clean pass. Then once it hits its scale and shape you want. Add more layers of detailing. Starting with base textures, then a dirt pass, then props, etc. If you follow these simple rules of logic, I think you will be approved in a short matter of time!
  9. I'm just going to put it out there for you guys, to not get your hopes up... There will be new player models, and all new and this time 8 of them around. Unfortunately, none of them will reside in movie/tv characters any longer. They will be made up ones, and ones that have a better fitting to our universe. Bateman was an experiment of last minute decisions. Walter was just left over art that we felt we could manage keeping in-game to cut work down. Pimp, again was another last minute decision to give the people a little something different, but by no means was taken seriously at the time. If you guys are pretty hardcore from the old days, you can understand what direction new characters will be taken more serious from, and as well... Molotov will come back new and what he was intended to become originally (w/ better looks "hopefully" ^^)
  10. First, not every map in NMRiH was designed with a proper "design" aspect in mind. Other than visual fidelity as to what is currently there. It is literally based around poor design decisions that come around zombie placement. Without much brainstorming as to whether or not, something is good in the long haul for game play among players experiences or not. Lets make one thing clear here. We are not "Zombie Panic" and will never be ZP. So your point really has no relevance to No More Room in Hell. As the two "zombie" themed games have nothing in common to their design... So leave them be as they are. Its called "good design vs poor design". As for the L4D mapping... It's great just the way it is. Better mapping is such a nonexistent term to be used here. That clearly 9,000+ players are echoing that by keeping servers populated alone. That in the end have more people joining the game and keep going back to. Even if it is the same campaign over and over again. We have two words we use for people like this hehe... "Stupid, and In denial". This is a possible function, although alternative means to players ability to re-spawn would be a possibility. As with you being in one location. We would probably make it so your presence is in fact known. So the population in walker numbers will accumulate around you over time as you hide. Making it difficult for you to escape. Until another survivor comes to drive their attention away. Although under things like vehicles will be hard to keep you safe. Because we will have crawling zombies at some point. At this point, I consider the rest of the message to be trolling. So I won't go further...
  11. On the first bit, yeah Axes have heads that can fall off, just like sledgehammers. No doubt, but the fact remains. No More Room in Hell's universe is not set in a 1-10 years past civilization of an apocalypse. NMRiH in fact takes place, in case most of you don't know by now, or have not read. In the recent occurs of the outbreak in New York City. So what remains to be seen as a challenging mechanic by a gamer as yourself. May not appeal to the next player, or handful. Whereas you can only speak for yourself and a handful of buddies whom I assume play NMRiH on a daily basis.. On the second bit, which lends itself back to what I spoke firstly about. There has to be more reasoning and logic to how the game is operated. Rather than by its own mechanized objects. You may be on the forums for what you speak of. But the last time I checked (Today+past week) playing NMRiH. There are probably roughly 20 populated servers with possibly 3 fully maxed out. Whereas an example like Left 4 Dead 2. Has about 10,000+ players. Which for some (monkey scratches its head) reason has people constantly playing and easily recognized as a more non-technical/serious game. Though has a great amount of difficulty and puzzling challenges.. as that of NMRiH. Which leads itself in speaking for only itself. That NMRiH by a long shot has done a little Okay. But not good, nor great. I would take a moment to really think about why another game, that takes itself less serious on mechanics. Would have done so well and continued to do so well? (And no, Valve corporation is not the godliest of game companies who cannot make a failed attempt in game creation. But they certainly succeed because of how they approach things critically from design to keep all aspects "FUN".) At the end of the day, why most zombie games are failing for the recently released/to be released. Is because everyone has this puzzling itch for complicated game mechanics that really only drive people away. Create headaches and stress while playing. Whereas a game is meant to be an experience of fun filled, omg! moments. Not a SAT test for the best, brightest, and cleverest. Because if a real zombie apocalypse occurred. I'm pretty sure most fans here would eventually opt themselves off this earth. Because the actual experience when really reflected on. Would not be fun, nor exciting. Probably the largest capacities upon built emotional beliefs for every person would be the actual lack of dictatorship through government and a real true sense of freedom. Which most of the given population would have no real clue on what to do with, if were in fact were given it by choice or force.
  12. You know, the biggest issue that ruins games today is the ability to break something one uses in the game. I've personally never held an object type that can be used as a weapon and have it break so easily. That being said, any game that has hindered my ability to use something I've obtained that just breaks randomly. Has never served a "fun" method. Especially in a video game world. At the end of the day, you are literally asking in return a game that doesn't allow you to play, and only be punished with no challenge to it. Other than a game that plays a Magic 8-ball on you of chance and luck... What I would advise to you players is to as well, come up with a logical challenge method that involves critical thinking like a sportsman figuring out on the fly how to get a touchdown, goal, etc. Rather than the logic of technicality. Just imagine you were still a child on the playground playing "TAG" with a group of kids. And lets just say 1 of those kids makes the rules and applies a lot of technical garbage to the game. Would you really have fun? Sure you may chance the idea this nerd has... but literally, the game isn't fun for more than 1 play. Because this damn kid has got you thinking more about stuff, than to enjoy doing what the initial concept was in the first place.
  13. I'm sure there is gameplay footage already up to view on youtube or something. Last I knew they were keeping one of their consoles open for G4TV to interview and record.
  14. I play the mod quite often, not as a developer w/ developers/testers. But with the actual public. In all honesty, I blame the environments. The way mapping is handled. It's quite spacious to easily diverge a walker and a runner. To where you can flee and allow as much as a teammate to get attacked. I believe the mechanics are fine. Just the way they are.. When you take a zombie movie, to a traditional zombie game (i.e. Old Resident evil franchise) their environment spaces are quite narrow and are scaled 1-1 to a location where the player is placed in. This includes to be mentioned Resident Evil outbreak franchise. If spaces and hallways/corridors were in fact to life scale and more of them were in place for the interior regions of areas for our current maps and future maps. The difficulty would increase for those new and experienced with the game. Luckily it would remain at an equal level for both. Because they would closely be related in space to one another and with player collision on. It would encourage team play and conscious play more so, than where it is currently.
  15. I played this at PAX... wasn't that impressed really... Felt pretty clunky and arcade like...not much suspense. Probably on par as much as WarZ was ...