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  1. Woke up on my bedroom floor after the Christmas party, with my work buddy in the bed with her t-shirt pulled over her head and hands stuck in the shirt sleeves like she'd been flayed. Apparently she took me home, Because I was drunk, and put me to bed. The act must have tuckered her out so much that she decided to nap right on the bed as well. This also must have been so tiring that she forgot how shirts work. She must have been so sober that she then needed to push me out some time later and bruise my collarbone. What are friends for. It's not really a pertinent story or a particularly funny one...I just like it. Got super into Wolf Alice Recently. I'm feeling sexual, we could be sexual
  2. Yeah it's totally crazy. I always used to think that people were saying it in the same way someone would say "I've never seen a Star War, and I don't intend to" Some bizarre attempt to project coolness or a personality. Like when some teen gets a hat cos it's so "Wacky" or "Random". Sometimes I want to split their skulls open and watch the nothingness flow out...then again my younger years were pretty much spent attempting to project a cucumber cool persona so maybe I shouldn't judge. The Knocks heavier lean towards electronica stuff in the last year is pretty hit or miss...in this case, it very much hit. I went to see Hadouken! back in 2010. This was their edgier electronica/ indie era and the crowd was very rough, so I had both hands on my purse for most of the set. I still danced along, but holding my purse in a vice like grip like I was piloting an invisible bike. I think It may have been the whitest I have ever been in my life.
  3. I guess, personally, the idea of imbibing entertainment born from the minds of shitheads is painful. When something was a part of your life at a formative age and you discover something about the writer/singer/artist/whatever it has the effect of making it feel like you have been personally betrayed. For example, I am curious as to how many Lost Prophets fans felt when the lead singer was revealed to be a very sick human being. That's an extreme example of course, I'm not going to openly condemn others for continuing to enjoy the content of those people but it makes me uncomfortable. The reason I find it distasteful is simply because it makes me feel unpleasant. Anywho. Music. The Knocks doing indie dance is always a perfect combo. Really bums me out that Leitbur aren't more famous. They really deserve to be. I would totally play a game with them doing the soundtrack. S'good. There has been a constant resurgence of mid 2000's alternative metal/rock bands coming back with a softer sound. It works most of the time, like it does here. I'm not sure who dressed Skylar Grey for the video though. The music was a huge part of my life growing up. Sticking my headphones and using my portable CD player was my safe space at the time. No matter what else was going on it was a consistent source of release when I was young(er) and stupid(er) I cried because I had lost an old friend.
  4. Damn Straight! Sometimes you have just got to get your funk on. If no one's watching then It's cool. Its easier to dance when there's a lot of girls around, I guess it's a social collective thing...still a little awkward and nervous when dancing with guys. The only time I am anxious about my dancing is when I have had a fair bit to drink, not about my moves (cos I dominate that floor) but having brief flashbacks of instances where my restraint has severely lapsed, They need to have a rule in places where if you're at the point when you can't spell 'Shots' they shouldn't sell them to you. I know for certain now that the rest of my twenties is going to be spent occasionally waking up and screaming into a pillow...I'd only just gotten over screaming for stuff I did in my teens dammit! It's rare to have a song that could put the lines "was it your breasts from the start?", "like a twat" and "you smell a bit" in a song and have them work so well...also the dancing is adorable. Punk and Thrash is a very conflicting thing for me. A lot of the more angry (whiny) bands that are I guess better linked with the American scene either do nothing for me or (in the case of stuff like Suicidal Tendencies) make me cringe, I much prefer stuff like American Steel, Bad Religion, Face To Face, Social Distortion and Rancid. As for the political stuff in music, I guess it only bothers me if it's really angsty cringy stuff (99% of Matt Bellamys lyrics, I love the band but god damn XD) or is counter to my political leanings. The same with a lot of things, I find it hard to enjoy something by an artist/band/writer/whatever if it becomes evident that they are a massive anus. Think of that what you will. Anywho DRAIN STH! YES! So, so 90's. Like I can see it being played in bar scene in every 90's vampire/horror action film ever.
  5. Oh my god, my grammar is appalling, and I totally forgot about that scene, I NEVER understood it until now. Also, I completely forgot that 1) Meatloaf had titties in this film and 2) Meatloaf Aday was in fight club. Oh well, as they say. Meatloaf Aday keeps the doctor away I never kind of got into Babes In Toyland, I think that it might have a bit too much of the Riot Grrrl leftover on it (which I tried to listen to but just did not get). I do quite like female fronted angsty bands. Fun fact: A lot of filing rooms have very frequent and quite well hidden security cameras. So if someone were, hypothetically, to be dance walking their socks off to an amazing classic...alone in their whilst putting stuff away, they might get seen. This person then might hypothetically be smiled at by security for the next few weeks before being introduced as the Whitest white girl in a team meeting...I have no regrets* * Sometimes I scream into a pillow at night when I remember embarassing things I have done. I work with a Freya. She's stunning, has blue hair, hums a lot and her neck smells of Parma-Violets...some people just grow into their names I guess was my point there, it's not really very interesting but I felt that I had to end on something.
  6. Yeah the cynicism isn't fun is it? I often find that a semi-bleak outlook on the world coupled with a chronic case of overthinking things causes me endless woe. Yeah...yeah...this feels like some bizarre therapy. On the plus side. I got to feed some Penguins a few months ago, it was the best day of my life. Me and 3 other children below the age of 10 feeding little penguins that were splashing around and lining up for their little fish. One of the stood on my wellington when he ate the fish. It is officially my happy place right now. Whenever I get angry that's the place I go in my mind...Except I'm being sandwiched in between Zack Effron and Jane Levy.
  7. You gotta be careful with those low expectations though, you end up lowering your guard as well. Suddently, someone does the tiniest vaguely pleasant act and the cynical part of the brain dies and then you get stuck in a socially awkard friendship/secret crush wormhole. I was kind of hoping that my late twenties wouldn't be so much like my mid teens ha ha! Not sure I recall the Howling, the first thought in my head was the kid in the wheelchair but that turned out to be Silver Bullet...which was fun if you could completely ignore the fact that no sane human would allow Garey Busey near their child. Also! Great werewolf film: Dog Soldiers. Don't watch the trailers as it looks shite in them In reality it is a schlocky, b-movieesque, dark, comic horror with an amazing cast and genuiniely funny moments. Speaking of Anton Yelchin* Something poppy And something that might be to your liking. *Not taking the piss, genuinely liked Anton Yelchin...the 2011 Fright Night is a masterpiece of cinema and anyone who refuses to admit that is going to hell for lying.
  8. That's looking pretty cool. I really, really like the whole look of the tearing part. A nice visceral design that appears straining and effortless all at once. With the clenched teeth baring jaw coupled with almost apathetic disinterest shown by the wolf who is staring in another direction, like it ain't no thang. Funnily enough I was actually thinking a scene that I always remembered and enjoyed from An American Werewolf in Paris, which I checked on Youtube and I totally remebered it wrong. In my mind there was always a scene where the hero werewolf grabbed the antagonist (in human form) on the shoulders then pulled him apart, splitting him down the middle like some kind of autopsy/banana peel scene and ate his heart whilst it was still suspended in the air. TURNS OUT THAT NEVER HAPPENS IN THE FILM, but it's an image that I have always associated with at movie, but I guess I must have made it up and kind of associated it somehow? Since no one else did it (apparently) You can use that in your comic story book... as long as you quote me and give me all the moneys. It's cool that you're keeping calm and losing some anger (not that I have seen it) I wish you all the best. I kind of forced myself to hide my anger whenever I'm in a public setting (work, nights out whatever) a few months ago. I still get frustrated and roll my eyes at stuff, but now stupid things that would always enfuriate me I am finding much easier to bursh off and laugh at rather than go into some angry outburst...I've been constantly vomiting blood since I started but I reckon that's what they call progress. I've not smoked since mid December. SUPER stressed as a result, to the point where it is impacting my verbal and written communication (vocabulary and grammar suffering tremendously) The stress is making it hard to get the words out correctly. *I actually went back to edit this because my initial attempt was completely nonsensical (as opposed to my mildly nonsensical brand) Anywho. Music!
  9. Happy Holidays and New Year to all! I hope that the Bearded ancient one, the blood cloaked judge, master of wishes, lord of the flying bulls and tyrant of the lesser elves granted everyone that pony they wanted and that copious amounts of liquor were imbibed, tongues stuck down many throats and many promises instantly broken. Here's a bunch of songs that sum up the end of my year* Metrosexuals Creating Breathy, Dreamy Track With Retro Outro. Mutant Louse Fetus Plays Tiny Trumpet Hypnotic Cowboy, Tortures Kidnap Victim Having Confusing (Possibly Racist) Thoughts Over Girl With Sexy Body And...Watch Dogs 2 Was Pretty Good. * or maybe they're just a bunch of songs I like...who knows
  10. Kinda NSFW...I mean I don't know what kind of work restrictions. Who watches at work anyway! Sleep In The Heat- PUP Annie- Neon Indian
  11. Modern Love- Kristine A Race Against Time- Pylot Snake Eyes- Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes A Mountain With No Ending- Classixx Ft. Panama Something nice and soothing. I can't lie to you about your chances, but... you have my sympathies.
  12. Rapture - Hurt The music video is really neat and very Tool inspired, but it lacks the full song unfortunately. Last - Nine Inch Nails Really, really underrated song. It's insanely good, blends a nice groove throughought the whole industrial rock thing, It kind of got overshadowed by Wish I think. Step Up (I'm On It) - Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster Fuck you, they're good!
  13. Yeah there's similar channels like that in the UK, with like the chat and stuff as well from the people requesting music. Some of them have pictures that people post to it as well, in the corner of the screen overlaying on the music video. After around 9PM that shit is just full of girls with their tits out or shots of them in their panties dudes showing their abs. There was a channel called (unironically) Box Hits...I think it was something like that...Anyway, it was a music channel that played modern pop stuff but the overlay was a Babe Show*. It was fairly entertaining (in an odd way) to watch people argue over music choices and then suddenly TITS. Then people requesting the same song that's been on 3 times already and then HOT GUY WITH NO SHIRT. * But actually music. Now, BMTH were kind of a punching bag for years. The shitty "deathcore" music and the look of the band being the maing factors. BUT with their last two albums being significantly less "screamy" and with their last output pretty much being an electronic pop rock album I have become really fond of them. Not to mention their attitude to album leaks which was "fuck it, we'll just release the album early" Avalanche- Bring Me The Horizon Skindred are an odd little duck. Ragga, Metal, Punk, Hip-Hop is their self proclaimed genre. Doom Riff- Skindred I love when electronica goes full dance punk Go Time- Digitalism And the always excellent HEALTH, with their amazing contrasts between heavy ass instrumentation and super soft vocals. STONEFIST- HEALTH
  14. I am absolutely adoring those vocals on the Perturbator track, not sure what it is. I'm feeling like she'd do a good "Smalltown Boy" cover Sarah Barthel In Latex- Sarah Barthel In Latex So there used to be a channel on British TV that just played indie and alternative stuff from either lesser known or unsigned bands. IT WAS THE TITS. The metaphorical, not the physical as above. Keep Your Eyes On The Road- Lone Wolf Red Cow- mewithoutyou
  15. The kids are all into their Pokemons and Hannah Montanas I think. There's something a little off about the needlessly apocalyptic piano break...but that chorus. I really like the whole synth heavy new retro wave thing. Even though there wasn't a single fucking song in the eighties that sound ANYTHING like that. The 15 year old me's idea of edgy...they're still a good pop band though.