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  1. I agree. My friend's dad who lives in the US bought 17 Mosin Nagant carbines when he got offered them at a ridiculously low price, (can't remeber the exact price).
  2. Me too, and the graphics, if you crank them up by modding the cfg files and making it widescreen, and then apply some Anti-Aliasing by way of graphics card driver, still look extremely good and can make for a very enjoyable game, both visually and gameplay, on even the most basic computers nowadays!
  3. The reason for saying IMO is that it could otherwise easily be interpreted as if what you are saying is the de-facto answer to the current topic, and that comes off as arrogant to many people. When you clarify that you only state your own opinion, nobody takes offense. But back to topic, i think that freeaim could be implemented in a limited fashion, IE you only have weapon movement when you are NOT in ironsight mode. That way, it wont really make much of a difference because the moment you go into ironsight mode, your aim is fixed to the center of the screen. IMO.
  4. Except that it is single action only and the cylinder doesn't swing out for reloading...
  5. Which is both delicious and moist.
  6. Dunno about that, at least not here in europe... And AFAIK, Auto Ordnance makes some really good new-production M1 Carbines!
  7. Just to add my 2 cents, there really needs to be an M1 Carbine in a later release. It's like the perfect weapon for a zombie apocalypse, and is prominently featured in Max Brooks' "Zombie Survival Guide".
  8. Chupathingy!
  9. I'm the sort of guy who always keeps at least 7000 rounds of ammunition stocked at the house for every firearm i own. Those include my Remington 870, my danish national guard issued Colt Canada C7 rifle, my ruger 10/22 and my german semiautomatic UZI-clone. So i guess i'd get in the car the morning of the outbreak and round up close friends and family, and we set up a heavy defensive perimeter at some safe place. My aunt and uncle have a huge rundown farm in the middle of a forest near the german border, so i guess that's the place we'd go, since it is rural enough to not be overrun by too many zombies, and it is close to the HUGE border shopping malls of northern germany where scandinavians go to buy cheap beer, booze and soda. We could probably stock up on supplies at some of those malls after clearing them out. Needless to say, we'd have enough firepower. I think my plan is pretty good...