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  1. Alongside my unofficial cohort uzisoft, I swear, this board will be revived. So... yeah, I thought I'd make this flashy, but... screw it. Listen, I'm not the best signature maker, but I can make some average ones. Getting tired of your current sig? Want another option from someone who makes them for fun, and isn't entirely good at them? Can't figure out what the hell a GIMP is, so making signatures is impossible? Can't afford Photoshop so you can't make your own? If you answered "Yes" to any one of these questions, leave the materials you want in a signature here and I'll take a crack at making them. Or, just give me a theme and I'll run with it. I know I started this before and never went through with it, but I swear, It's summer and I have nothing else to do. HOP TO IT... or not, whatever, I've got some YouTubers to flame.
  2. Thanks, man.
  3. Someone locked my review of Fable... Double-U Tee Eff?
  4. No More Room In Hell... No More Reviews.... AAAH! I see what you did there. Anywho, I might as well sign up and copy - paste some of my Escapist reviews there. Good to spread 'em out.
  5. There's that, too...
  6. I don't... THINK so. The armor you get is from that quest "You Gotta Shoot Them In The Head!" If I recall, I didn't have the training on my other guy and I managed to put it on. Regardless, it shouldn't fuck it up. Maybe they'll just recognize that you have the training, or... It'll just do what it normal does and simply overlap. BAH! Rambling: Just save beforehand. Shouldn't mess it up.
  7. That's the thing. At the end of that hour, I wouldn't want to call her. Or remember to. ... I think a mix of both. Yeah.
  8. Wouldn't you know it? Ten minutes in and I get a phone call from someone. Lest I tell her I'll call back later - that turned out *so* well in the past - I had to miss it. Thankfully, Xbox lets you download episodes of Lost the day after they debut. Save'd.
  9. Well, a good trick in this mystical book would be "having the power to end nearly episode with a shocker". Seriously. Nearly every one of them ends with a "Dun-nu-NUN!"
  10. Oooo... I must have missed that in my klepto-spree.
  11. Bye

    Even though I hardly know you... ... Or don't know you at all ... ... You at least brought some form of organized thought to the /b/-Offspring that is "Off-Topic". Indeed. Come back soon.
  12. So... That was odd. When I completed the DLC missions for it, and I went to get the reward... The woman said, "Take whatever you want. There's plenty to go around." I looted the entire room, and when I took the second-to-last item, they all turned hostile and began shooting... themselves. Then me. Luckily, at level 20, I breathed and they fell over. Still...
  13. That's the thing, though. Scrubs. You could watch one episode in the middle of the third season, get hooked, and then love the show. The majority of the Lostites... Is that a term? ... You need to stick with it from the beginning onwards to really "LIKE" it, per se. It is not a "pick-up-and-watch" show by any means. Well... For ME it is, but I love it already.
  14. You really need at least some form of a higher education to follow the show. [/sarcasm] But seriously... Unless you watch it from the beginning - obviously - the show will be horrible. Some of the friends I haven't been able to convert all say that the show is "really dumb, and the paranormal and monster is stupid". They, of course, don't get it. ... In retrospect, I need some smarter friends. Anywho..
  15. I've even heard someone beat it in one hour. 800 is a bit steep, but... It's Fallout. They know that [basically] any price and the fanboys will eat it up. Sadly, I'm no different. I love the game, so while I cringed at my remaining 40 points, I'm still enjoying it so far. I can't wait for the third DLC to come out, the one that extends the game after the end mission. That is what they needed to do in the first place. ... Oh, yeah, they also disabled any modifications of the snowy landscape. So, for the PC, people using the GECK won't be able to make me my snowy fortress filled with robots and beer. 'Tis sad. It would also help if I HAD it for the PC.
  16. .... A Traitor. In our midst. .... Also, it's out? Shiiiit... Snow, No School AND Fallout on my birthday? You shouldn't have.
  17. A couple of my friends think I am very... retarded, for lack of a better word, for watching Lost. "Ooo, there are ghosts and a smoke monster and all this shit. Ooo, no action, it's just them surviving." These are also the guys who haven't WATCHED the show, so their room to judge is... Yeah. Anywho, though technically cheating, I did manage to hook someone on the show by watching the hour re-cap show.
  18. Next Wednesday. Next Wednesday.... However, I will admit, though the show makes little sense in some areas, the premier made ten-times less. Locke is in the past, or... the present-future, or now the past-present, and he meets up with them and... Lot to take in. Hopefully, they'll explain it in depth, as they do. Also, trying to explain Lost's backstory to a "non-member" is near impossible. Trust me. I've tried.
  19. Hey, I was honest: 41 seconds.
  20. Yeah... Sounds like a, uh... Nice Christmas for you, what, with your... fake guns and [blank]er shoes...
  21. Just a list of all the signatures I've made over the years I could find. If anyone knows how I could improve in any way, I'm open to suggestion, or any tests to get better. First, two I made for Keegah, mainly out of boredom. He didn't like both, the first for being two pink, the second for, apparently, it not fitting the HL theme with the background of it... somehow. Anywho, : This one, I tried to follow a tutorial to make it, but it just ended up... wrong. Maybe I'll go back and try it again, but this is about as far as I got. Needs some rounded-edges and some AA. This is one of my first in a series of many of the same. I still love it. Here's some recent ones, same technique. A Hitman one, which I'm rather proud of. And now, some random ones. The first one I've never used, even though I chuckle when I see it, but the others are one's you've probably seen. ... SO... anything anyone thinks I should improve on? Anyone have any comments on them? Any you like / dislike? I'm open to everything.
  22. Gears 2. CoD: World at War ( It's not CoD5, damnit! ) Guitar Hero: WT Farcry 2 L4D Clothes A book of MAD MAGAZINE through the decades. Ear buds. WoW Desk Calender. Hurley from Lost Action Figure ... and about 200 bucks. This Christmas kicked ass.
  23. I still give the kid credit. It must have taken a shitload of time to put all that together. Regardless, I hate Halo, so... Rage, indeed.