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  1. Thanks, man.
  2. Someone locked my review of Fable... Double-U Tee Eff?
  3. No More Room In Hell... No More Reviews.... AAAH! I see what you did there. Anywho, I might as well sign up and copy - paste some of my Escapist reviews there. Good to spread 'em out.
  4. There's that, too...
  5. I don't... THINK so. The armor you get is from that quest "You Gotta Shoot Them In The Head!" If I recall, I didn't have the training on my other guy and I managed to put it on. Regardless, it shouldn't fuck it up. Maybe they'll just recognize that you have the training, or... It'll just do what it normal does and simply overlap. BAH! Rambling: Just save beforehand. Shouldn't mess it up.
  6. That's the thing. At the end of that hour, I wouldn't want to call her. Or remember to. ... I think a mix of both. Yeah.
  7. Wouldn't you know it? Ten minutes in and I get a phone call from someone. Lest I tell her I'll call back later - that turned out *so* well in the past - I had to miss it. Thankfully, Xbox lets you download episodes of Lost the day after they debut. Save'd.
  8. Well, a good trick in this mystical book would be "having the power to end nearly episode with a shocker". Seriously. Nearly every one of them ends with a "Dun-nu-NUN!"
  9. Oooo... I must have missed that in my klepto-spree.
  10. Bye

    Even though I hardly know you... ... Or don't know you at all ... ... You at least brought some form of organized thought to the /b/-Offspring that is "Off-Topic". Indeed. Come back soon.
  11. So... That was odd. When I completed the DLC missions for it, and I went to get the reward... The woman said, "Take whatever you want. There's plenty to go around." I looted the entire room, and when I took the second-to-last item, they all turned hostile and began shooting... themselves. Then me. Luckily, at level 20, I breathed and they fell over. Still...
  12. That's the thing, though. Scrubs. You could watch one episode in the middle of the third season, get hooked, and then love the show. The majority of the Lostites... Is that a term? ... You need to stick with it from the beginning onwards to really "LIKE" it, per se. It is not a "pick-up-and-watch" show by any means. Well... For ME it is, but I love it already.
  13. You really need at least some form of a higher education to follow the show. [/sarcasm] But seriously... Unless you watch it from the beginning - obviously - the show will be horrible. Some of the friends I haven't been able to convert all say that the show is "really dumb, and the paranormal and monster is stupid". They, of course, don't get it. ... In retrospect, I need some smarter friends. Anywho..