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  1. Your art has always given me a cyber boner.
  2. You weren't missed.
  3. Hey guys! Remember that time I got super butthurt over being banned? Those were good times.
  4. That's great and all, but if you are designing a house for tornado alley you should also test how it stands up against a meth lab explosion.
  5. Nerd making fun of nerds for being nerds.
  6. Going to need to add Papers Please to that list (somewhere). Bureaucracy has never been so much fun!
  7. I had a group which recently dissolved. We cycled pathfinder, WOD, Iron Kingdoms, and Shadowrun. I still haven't got to play a shadowrun game as a player. I could convince my friends to play it, but can't convince any of them to run it. This is why my group fell apart.
  8. Platformers Super Meat Boy Spelunky Wario Land for the Virtual Boy The Iconoclasts (wasn't even finished but it was still fun and well designed for an indie puzzle platformer) Mirrors Edge 2D. Stealth Thief 2 MGS3>MGS1>MGS2>MGS4 Blood Money>Silent Assassin>Contracts>Codename 47>Absolution Mark of the Ninja Merry Gear Solid 2, 1 WRPG Morrowind, Skyrim, Oblivion Fallout 2>1>3 (didn't play NV) Torchlight JRPG Reccetear Charles Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden Wind Waker>Majoras Mask>Ocarina of Time>LTTP FF9>FF7>FF6>FF8>FF10 Strategy SC1 Gladius WC3 Open World Crime Simulator GTA:SA>GTA:VC>GTA3>GTA5>GTA4 The Getaway Shooters Goldeneye Max Payne 1>2 Duke Nukem 3D This list is by no means exhaustive, but considering it would have been impossible to pick a "favorite", this will have to do.
  9. Be okay with sucking in the beginning, offer your work up for critique, and don't take it personally when it gets ripped apart. Surefire way of getting better. Also, the package you use is irrelevant as the techniques you learn are pretty much transferable between suites. Learn from others, because odds are they know better than you in their particular craft. Like Maxx for instance, I wouldn't give a grain of salt for his opinions on video games, but I would listen when he is talking about the art in them, he has remained an employed artist (I think) through this economic downturn we have been experiencing (even though he has a leg up in canada). Actually before I put my foot in my mouth, I know that canada gives subsidies to vfx houses located within the country, does it do the same for video game studios? Also, this thread is in the wrong subforum.
  10. Doesn't help that your post looks like a landing page, complete with what appears to be an affiliate link.
  11. The Meet. "The cred is good" Icky said over the subvocals, the dwarf a half kilometer away was providing overwatch and logistical support in his highly customized van for the meet. Khord didn't like it. The job had suicide written all over it, the pay was too sweet, the Johnson was too cordial, and his groups name didn't exactly ring out in Seattle as one of the premier running groups. The face shifted uneasily in his seat the cold countenance of the Johnson did little to help ease his concerns over the job. The ludicrous amount of cash being offered however was the only reason Khord was still sitting at the table. "So whats the catch"? Tender growled low still audible over the bustle of the restaurant. The orcs cyberware was starting to kick on, a wrong answer could mean that the walls would be painted a brand new color. Of course the groups running career would be over, but Tender isn't a long term thinker. "Getting to the datastore will be..". The Johnson paused his socialware alerting him to elevated adrenaline levels in the orc as well as a rise in body tempreature. He stole a glance over to a table where two elves dressed in civilian clothing were dining. Khord knew about them of course, corpsec tends to be unsubtle by nature. The Johnson refocused his attention on Khord, ignoring Tender. "...difficult". He finally said having fully regained his composure his socialware suppressing his own adrenal glands to help keep his voice calm and level. "Explain". The human face was terse and to the point, a quality the Johnson appreciated. The Johnson pulled up an AR window that was playing a trideo from a security feed. In it several ghoulish looking creatures were chasing down a corpsec troll, the creatures having gained on the trog it turned around and swung a mighty fist down onto the first of his pursuers snapping the decaying humans spine in half. The troll then swung around with his other arm to swat others away, but by this time it was already too late. The monsters had already attached themselves to his the giants legs and were gnawing away at them. Others attached themselves to the trogs arms, and soon he was weighed down by necrotic flesh. He was being eaten alive, and watching it put an uneasy feeling in Khord's stomach. He has watched a lot of men die in his profession, but watching a man be eaten alive was an entirely different matter. "Jesus..." said Chili and Icky over the subvocals, the mage and rigger watching the video through the cybereyes of Tender. "For some reason". the Johnson closed the window. "There are a number of feral ghouls who have taken over a facility that was under control of Ares Macrotechnolgy. There is a datastore located in the basement that contains senstive information. Said store isn't connected to the matrix meaning physical retrieval is required." Khord knew that the Johnson was lying about something, or withholding something. He could feel it like he has always been able to feel it, but that isn't unusual coming from a Johnson. "Alright" Khord said finally speaking up his voice level and full of confidence. "First of all kick that 250k up to 300, meaning that half you were offering upfront is now 150k and we will need a 35,000 nuyen expense account. We will also need detailed schematics of the building and any other pertinent information". The Johnson beamed brightly at the pair sitting in their corner booth. "Done". The Johnsons plugged a credstick into his datajack and transferred 35k onto it, plus the extra 25k for the new price. He also uploaded the requested materials onto the stick and handed it over to Khord. Khord reached out taking the stick, as he did so his heart plunged into the bottom of his feet. He always trusted his gut, his gut was telling him to walk away from this, but his greed, his greed forced that credstick into his pocket. The two runners stood up from their table, politely nodded to the Johnson and started to walk out. Tender passing the table of corpsec elves turned on his wired reflexes and swung at the closest one, his fist stopping 6 inches away from the elf's face. In response the elf started to pull a giant revolver from his jacket, but was fumbling with it. The orc stood up smiling a toothy grin and continued his confident gait out of the building, he looked over at Khord who was wearing a very sour expression. Tender smiled even bigger and said "...pansy ass dandelion eaters." Opening up the front doors of the restaurant Icky's van pulled up in front of them its side door sliding open Chili manning it. Getting in Khord saw Icky conked out in VR undoubtedly controlling not only the vehicle but several surveillance drones as well. Strapping himself into a seat he took a breath and looked at his crew. "Are they ready for something this big". he thought to himself He pulled the credstick out of his pocket and looked at it. It felt like it weighed 100 kilograms. "Am I"?
  12. INFJ. Its been a pretty consistent result.