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  1. Your art has always given me a cyber boner.
  2. You weren't missed.
  3. NMRIH released. No reason to shitpost here anymore.
  4. Hey guys! Remember that time I got super butthurt over being banned? Those were good times.
  5. That's great and all, but if you are designing a house for tornado alley you should also test how it stands up against a meth lab explosion.
  6. Nerd making fun of nerds for being nerds.
  7. Going to need to add Papers Please to that list (somewhere). Bureaucracy has never been so much fun!
  8. I had a group which recently dissolved. We cycled pathfinder, WOD, Iron Kingdoms, and Shadowrun. I still haven't got to play a shadowrun game as a player. I could convince my friends to play it, but can't convince any of them to run it. This is why my group fell apart.
  9. Platformers Super Meat Boy Spelunky Wario Land for the Virtual Boy The Iconoclasts (wasn't even finished but it was still fun and well designed for an indie puzzle platformer) Mirrors Edge 2D. Stealth Thief 2 MGS3>MGS1>MGS2>MGS4 Blood Money>Silent Assassin>Contracts>Codename 47>Absolution Mark of the Ninja Merry Gear Solid 2, 1 WRPG Morrowind, Skyrim, Oblivion Fallout 2>1>3 (didn't play NV) Torchlight JRPG Reccetear Charles Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden Wind Waker>Majoras Mask>Ocarina of Time>LTTP FF9>FF7>FF6>FF8>FF10 Strategy SC1 Gladius WC3 Open World Crime Simulator GTA:SA>GTA:VC>GTA3>GTA5>GTA4 The Getaway Shooters Goldeneye Max Payne 1>2 Duke Nukem 3D This list is by no means exhaustive, but considering it would have been impossible to pick a "favorite", this will have to do.
  10. Be okay with sucking in the beginning, offer your work up for critique, and don't take it personally when it gets ripped apart. Surefire way of getting better. Also, the package you use is irrelevant as the techniques you learn are pretty much transferable between suites. Learn from others, because odds are they know better than you in their particular craft. Like Maxx for instance, I wouldn't give a grain of salt for his opinions on video games, but I would listen when he is talking about the art in them, he has remained an employed artist (I think) through this economic downturn we have been experiencing (even though he has a leg up in canada). Actually before I put my foot in my mouth, I know that canada gives subsidies to vfx houses located within the country, does it do the same for video game studios? Also, this thread is in the wrong subforum.
  11. Doesn't help that your post looks like a landing page, complete with what appears to be an affiliate link.